Wedding Ideas For A Fall Wedding

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Wedding Ideas For A Fall Wedding

Weddings ideas for a fall wedding can bring a special feeling of warmth to you and your future spouse’s special day. Depending on where you live, you may have skies that are usually an amazing blue with beautiful pillowy looking white clouds or you may have the colors of the fall with the color changing leaves. There are many wedding ideas to consider for this time of season, so you may want to take the following into consideration.

A fall wedding can also bring amazing sunsets thus creating a wonderful and scenic background for your autumn wedding day. However, besides for the natural d├ęcor, remember to include your dress, decorations and cake.

Dress and Colors

Fall is the perfect time to be daring and try a shorter wedding dress on for size. The ground during the fall season can sometimes be a bit muddy and full of freshly fallen leaves with drops of dew covering most things. So why not go with a short wedding dress to avoid all the hassles and worry of having your perfect dress ruined. In addition, you will be able to wear and show off an amazing pair of shoes that might normally be covered up by the usually long wedding dress.

The traditional colors of autumn are oranges and browns, however throwing in a bit of color that is unexpected such as a striking green; a vibrant orange or a splash of teal can really brighten things up. Not to mention, it will also bring a sense of freshness and modern twist to the usual colors while bringing in your personality to the mix. Do not be afraid to mix and match colors. Go to a fabric store and get a bunch of sample colors and compare them together until you find the right color match for your dream wedding.

Decor and Cake

The decorations for your reception will be easy to find and pretty inexpensive to buy. One way to go would be with traditional decorations. Decorations that make you think of autumn such as pumpkins, twigs, berries and other items that you may consider going into a fall theme. Some great fall themed wedding favors would be to have some cute gift boxes in a fall color and include some ribbon that can add more splash of color. You can also include yours and your groom’s name and wedding date printed on them. Inside your boxes you could add some small candies or maybe some leaf shaped soaps.

To incorporate your fall theme into your wedding cake, you will need to ask your wedding cake designer what they might do and then maybe throw in your ideas. Fall is the harvest time for all who live in the United States, so why not have your cake designer add in some pumpkins, shafts of wheat or some beautiful fall leaves added to your cake design. You may also consider using the fall leaves at the base of the cake, then surprise your guests by going non-traditional in flavor with a red velvet batter or a peanut butter and chocolate cake instead of the traditional pumpkin or apple spiced cake. You could always go with those traditional flavors in the groom’s cake.

Flowers and Tux

When choosing autumn flowers for your wedding, the color is just about as important as the type of flower. There are delicate yellows, rich reds and fierce oranges that will look stunning in your bouquet and bring color and beauty to your special day. Also in autumn using rustic twigs with cute little blossoms would look stunning in some vases, along with a mix of flowers. The groom can sometimes get lost among the wedding plans, so why not make him stand out a bit and add some fall colors to his tux, maybe consider a napkin in his jacket pocket or his bow tie. While he won’t out shine his bride, it will give both him, as well as his groomsmen, a bit of style.

So remember, when throwing your fall/autumn themed wedding, it’s good to stick with traditional seasonal colors as your base and then add a splash of something that no one else would expect. This time of the year is so beautiful and if you time it right, most venues and churches will already be decorated for autumn, therefore you do not really need to add a lot. Use the beautiful bounty of the Earth to help bring in your amazing autumn wedding that both you and your guest’s will be awed by.