Wedding Ideas For A Spring Wedding

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Wedding Ideas For A Spring Wedding


Is there anything better than coming up with wedding ideas for a spring wedding? Not really. Since spring is a time of renewal and rebirth it is the best time to start the new adventure that a marriage can bring. Since spring is usually one of the more beautiful times to get married in, it’s a good idea to know what kind of ways you want to express the beauty of the spring in a new and fresh way.


Most women have been planning their big day since they were 7 or 8 years old, so it’s easy to get stuck on certain ideas and traditions that you’ve seen over the years. However, it’s the spring, so break with tradition a little and add in some springtime touches to your wedding through your decor and style.


The Wedding Dress


One of the reasons why spring can be so popular for your wedding is how beautiful the weather can turn out to be. Generally the weather isn’t usually too hot or cold, which is great for you so that you can choose practically any dress you desire. However, it is still a good idea to go with a dress that can be a bit more versatile depending on the weather. For instance, you want to go strapless but it happens to be a bit on the cold side, so prepare in advance and have a matching wrap with you that will keep you warm and still in style. A wedding dress in the spring is the perfect time to add in some color to your dress. You don’t have to have an all-white wedding dress. Why not break the mold and go all out and add some pizzazz, like a sash or some colorful embroidery.


Wedding Colors


There are so many colors to choose from in the spring that will be absolutely perfect for your springtime wedding. You really can’t go wrong. Just think of all the amazing flowers that are blooming and let nature’s beauty be your guide. Some good color combos for your spring wedding could be ivory with a light green such as sage, a light blue with a dark or light brown similar to cappuccino or chocolate, a baby blue with a crisp white, a sweet yellow with lavender or a pretty pink with a dark brown.


The color combinations are completely endless and can be a bit overwhelming because no one wants to choose the wrong colors. After all they prepare the mood and theme for the entire event. Give yourself some peace of mind and go to the fabric store to create a color swatch with all the colors that you like. Therefore you can physically take the colors and mix and match them until you are satisfied.


Flowers and Centerpieces


Naturally with spring, flowers are in full bloom and offer so many to choose from. Whether you plan on letting loose with many flowers or just have a few simple flower decorations throughout, there are great flower and color combinations that will work great together. A typical spring bouquet might have tulips, ranunculuses and hyacinths in all different shades of pink. To make the bouquet pop, add in a bit of lime green from any plant that may not be in full bloom. In addition, add something a little cute and unique to your bouquet, such as some pink butterflies to your flowers or the color that matches your arrangement. Add to it some pink ribbon to wrap up the flower stems and don’t forget the “bling” aspect by throwing a few crystal rhinestones onto the ribbon.


Cherry blossoms and dogwood can bring a dramatic and romantic feel to your reception centerpieces or you could go with a much more unusual and unique centerpiece such as bunches of asparagus. The asparagus could be in the shape of a square with a yellow ribbon tied around them that is set in a clear and low square container allowing them to remain fresh, clean and contemporary. Another idea is the use of white picnic baskets as vessels for your flower centerpiece as it is a sweet and fun way to display your flowers.


Another option would depend if you are planning your wedding after Easter or not. You may find a really great deal on your baskets, that way you can spend more of your budget on the flowers, which are the meat and potatoes of your wedding decorations. All in all, be creative with the season of your wedding and although most of your budget will go to bigger issues, it doesn’t mean you have to skimp on practicality on the smaller things.