Wedding Ideas For A Summer Wedding

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Wedding Ideas For A Summer Wedding



Looking for wedding ideas for a summer wedding? Getting married any time of the year and you are almost assured the wedding will be great. However there is just something special about summer weddings. Perhaps it is the brightness, the freshness or the warmair that the summer months have that draw people towards it.
Wedding ideas for a summer wedding can be endless once you get the big decisions made.

You can then focus on the items that scream summer. Items such as:
– Flowers
– Cake
– Your Colors
– Wedding Favors

In any event, it’s your wedding. Plan the wedding of your dreams, but pending on the time of year, you should take the following into consideration when making decisions.

When choosing a summer wedding its best to pick flowers that will stand up to the heat and maintain there freshness through out the day. Particular flowers that have a lot of staying power, and will maintain there brightness and colors, are roses, orchids, birds of paradise, tiger lilies; just to name a few. You should discuss the type of flowers with yourflorist to decide which is best for your summer wedding. It is also best to buy local and in season, that way you have a better chance of the flowers lasting your whole special day.
When maintaining your flowers its best to have them delivered the same day and to tryand make sure there’s a refrigerator on site to keep them fresh. Also try to rememberwhen taking pictures to keep the flowers in the shade when not in use or between photos. It’s also a good idea to have a squirt bottle on hand so that you can give your flowers alittle cool mist every now and then to keep them from wilting.

There is so much you can opt for in a summer wedding cake, but the best thing is to gofor fresh flavors and brilliant colors. One suggestion when picking your ultimate summerwedding cake is to go for the fresh tastes of the summer such as fruits or fresh berries thatare in season. These can be used for the filling instead of the traditional butter cream. Thecolor of your cake depends on what you want. You can go bold and have bright greens with a mango color or go for a more subtle approach with a summer yellow and fresh clean white.

To decorate your cake you can have your cake designer match the flowers from yourbouquet and add them to your cake or you could do a sunflower motif. In addition, youcould use cute little honeybees, which are all edible. The key is to embrace the beautyof summer and be a bit more subtle in using what’s in season to bring freshness to your unique summer wedding.

You would think that choosing colors for your wedding would be an easy task. However
it’s more difficult in the summer because there is so much to choose from. Sometimes that could be a good problem to have. When you choose, consider colors that matchyour venue or your wedding theme, if you have one. A couple of good theme ideas for a summer wedding would be a Hawaiian luau. Your colors could be bright pinks with somegreens or you could go more subtle and have a beach theme with soft yellows and crisps whites. The groomsmen could wear khaki suits with a punch of color for the bow ties.

Wedding Favors
This is wear you can really use your imagination. For example, you can have little sunflower card holders that may include miniature little picnic baskets that you could fill with candies or candles. You can also add seeds for your guests so that they can grow their own little flower garden that will represent your garden themed wedding.
For a beach style wedding you could have sea shell candles with cute flip-flop key chains or palm tree card holders with ocean bath salts. For an outdoor reception you could havepersonalized fans with some cute bubble favors. The sky really is the limit.

Keep in mind, the summer months are also the most popular months to get married, so ifyour dream is to wed during the summer, you will need to plan in advance. Especially ifthere is a certain venue that you have your heart set on. So go ahead and take advantage of the warmth and romance that a summer wedding can bring, and remember to have fun!