Proposal Ideas For The Holidays

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Proposal Ideas For The Holidays


There are a wide range of marriage proposal ideas available. However, what about during the different holidays? How can you incorporate them into your big moment? In fact, a holiday is the perfect cover to include your families without making it seem obvious. Below are some suggestions for marriage proposals that can truly be special.


There are many holidays throughout the year to choose from. Some include family and friends and some are meant just for the two of you. Making it special, well, that’s up to you.


Christmas Season


Christmas is an amazing time of the year to pop the marriage question. The season is decorated with all the beautiful Christmas lights, snow (depending on where you live) and just the overall ambiance of the season. There are so many options to choose from. One idea could be that you fly your loved one to New York City and take them to the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree and pop the question. At night while all the beautiful lights are gleaming gives it a more romantic atmosphere.


Another idea is to give each family member a present and tell them to open them at the same time and hold them up for your partner to see. Then have your partner open up the present with the ring in it at the same time your family members. Each family gift would include a framed letter and together it spells out the phrase “will you marry me?” Then read out the phrase to your partner and get down on one knee and propose.


Another idea is to take your partner out skiing. Have some friends and family write out in giant letters in the snow, “will you marry me?” Have it set just below the ski lift so the spelling becomes visible from where you’ll be. While you’re gliding over they spot casually point it out to your partner as they look, pull out the ring.


Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day can be the most obvious choice because it’s the day of love and romance. Although for some it might be considered a bit corny to propose on Valentine’s Day, many people believe it is also very sweet and it will make your Valentine’s Days in the future that much more special. You can order a box of chocolates, remove the middle chocolates, and then place the ring box in the middle of the box of chocolates. You could then ask your partner’s boss if they wouldn’t mind if you surprised your partner at work and if they would allow them to take the rest of the day off. When you’re ready, have a dozen red and pink roses, a bunch of balloons and a very large Valentine’s Day card, along with the chocolate box, and in the card include the words “will you marry me?” Timing of the chocolates and card can be tricky, so give them the chocolate box first and as they are opening the box, you open up the card. Show it to your partner at the same time they discover the ring box. Then after they say “yes” take your loved one out to a romantic dinner.


Another idea is to buy a bunch of those cute little Valentine’s Day cards that you use to receive as a child in school and make a collage of them on a poster board. Include a cute little written saying like “these little cards remind me of my childhood loves but you remind me of my future love, will you please be mine forever and marry me?” as an example.


The Fourth of July


The Fourth of July is a patriotic holiday, but what other holiday allows you to take advantage of all the firework displays? Contact a firework venue that you know that will be doing a firework show and ask if they would add in a marriage proposal towards the end of the fireworks show. One idea is after the big show is over have a pyrotechnic professional create for you a board that includes sparklers that spell out “will you marry me?” You could also have them light it right after the show is over and have a beautiful poem or a romantic speech prepared while you give your partner the ring.


Another idea is to take your loved one out on a romantic boat ride to either a place where you know there will be fireworks, or pay someone to create your own personal show. Then after the show is over get down on one knee and propose.