Bridesmaid And Groomsmen Gift Suggestions For You To Consider

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Bridesmaid And Groomsmen Gift Suggestions For You To Consider


Gifts for your bridesmaids and groomsmen; don’t you have enough to think about? You’re getting married and find yourself with many detailed items to do that it can become very overwhelming. Make yourself a checklist that you can work off of so that you can stay organized. To give yourself the feeling of accomplishment by seeing check marks on your list, start with some of the smaller items, such as wedding gifts for your bridal party. You could take your gifts to varying degrees of meaning, such as: sentimental, practical or humorous. It may come down to your feelings or on their personalities.


Bridesmaids Party Gift Ideas


For you bridesmaids, the tendency is to go more sentimental, or practical, for gift ideas, as your female friends tend to take your gift more seriously than the men. Besides women are generally more sentimental about weddings than the guys. Some gift ideas for your bridesmaids could either come as pricey, more practical or may not have much monetary value, but will mean a lot because it will come from your heart.


–          Go to a jeweler and pick out some jewelry that they can wear, not only with their bridesmaid dress, but also to wear with other attire. One suggestion would be to make the maid/matron of honor’s gift a little different than the other bridesmaids as you would want her to stand out.


–          Take each of your bridesmaids out for a day at the spa, where each of you can get facials, manicures and pedicures before the big day. Another option would be to just buy them a gift certificate for the spa, so that they can go on their own time. In either case, the women will love a chance to be pampered.


–          You could buy each bridesmaid a digital picture frame. You can then set up the frame to play different pictures or video from the beginning of your friendship until present day, along with any special music that has meaning of your friendship. Although this gift is a bit more time consuming, it will be well worth it in the end. Despite your lack of time, they will know how much time and effort you put into this gift and realize how special that they are to you.


–          Give them each flowers with a card that includes a gift card to either a restaurant, the movies or anything you think they might prefer.


–          A more practical gift could be your offering to pay for the bridesmaid dress. Then, depending on the price, give them a little something extra at the rehearsal dinner.


Groomsmen Party Gift Ideas


For your groomsmen, the sky’s the limit when it comes to gift ideas. For the most part they tend to be more on the side of easy going. Therefore, you could go with a more humorous gift for your guy friends. Of course you know them best, so choose wisely if you think they might be up for it. After all, a funny gift might give you a big laugh as well and relieve some of your own nerves prior to the big day.


–          Most guys love sports, therefore why not create a sports basket for them. These could be items from their favorite teams or perhaps their favorite sport, like a golf basket. You could go big and get a personalized golf bag and fill it with a sun visor, towel, golf balls (maybe with your wedding date engraved on them) and a nice club.


–          For some more practical gifts, consider getting them pocket knives, a watch, mp3 player, engraved money clip, a flask or an engraved pen.


–          Why not make a beer basket? However, instead of the basket, use something manlier such as a small sports themed garbage pail or cooler. Fill it with popcorn, beer, a sports magazine, tickets to a game, chips or even food.


–          If you want to make it a bit more personal, consider making them a CD that brings back memories of your lives together through the years.


It really doesn’t matter what you get, as most of them are just honored to have been invited to take part in such an amazing aspect in your life. Whether you pay a lot of money, or you make the gifts yourself, they will walk away remembering how much you cared about them and the memories you were able to create together. So don’t stress over trying to find that perfect gift, because after all, you already gave it to them.