Lose Weight Fast For Your Wedding

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Lose Weight Fast For Your Wedding


Need to lose weight fast for your wedding? After all you just got engaged and what seemed like a glorious moment can quickly change to stress once you realized you have a wedding to plan. You need to set a date, reserve a location, food, music, who to invite and the list goes on and on. Once you clear your mind, there is one aspect many a bride-to-be comes to realize….their weight.


Since planning a wedding is already stressful, and can work against you, to have success in your weight loss journey you need to plan ahead and set both manageable and attainable goals. Start by setting some smaller goals such as limiting your soda or other sweet filled items. Cutting back on heavy savory dishes is a great idea as well. In addition to the types of food and drink you intake, also consider the portion size.


Much of weight control is based on consumption, but an additional method to consider is to introduce, or increase, your exercise time. If you do not exercise at all – start! If you exercise occasionally, add an extra day or two to your routine or perhaps an additional hour at each session. The combination of proper foods and drinks, along with portion size and increased exercise will allow for you to fit into the dress you dreamed about, not to mention standing up in front of family and friends.


As mentioned, make your goals attainable and in small increments. Be careful not to get duped by watching certain television shows that may lead you to believe you will lose 10 pounds or more every week. It’s not attainable…it’s unrealistic! You can learn quite a bit watching such shows as “Biggest Loser” and others, but remember they are working out 6-8 hours a day, along with a trainer pushing them for free. In the real world, we have jobs or families to care for and having a personal trainer everyday for those many hours come at an extreme cost.


A big factor to take into consideration when losing weight for your wedding is how much time you have between your engagement and your wedding date. Just because you may not be getting married for a year or more, does not mean you should wait until the last three months before your wedding to get yourself started in your weight loss journey. After all, a year goes by extremely fast, especially when you’re planning a wedding. Since your big day can sneak up on you, start now so that you can achieve the small changes and slowly build up until you are eating healthy and exercising on a regular basis and not as a crash diet.


In addition, you have got to remember that there will be many party’s leading up to your wedding. Events such as the bridal shower, rehearsal dinner and the bachelorette party will be get togethers that you will want to enjoy. Therefore, start way in advance so that you can have a good time and take in the moments without the worry about not being able to fit into your dress.


When it comes time to be fitted for your wedding dress, error on the side of caution and order the dress a little more on the bigger size rather than smaller. You may find yourself in a bind if you order the dress to your target weight and don’t achieve your goal. Therefore, always order your dress a little larger because if you don’t achieve your target weight, a dress can always be altered to go smaller. However, if you don’t get to your goal, adjusting your dress to go bigger is a much more tedious and costly process, especially if you wait until the last minute to pick it up. Not only is it easier for the tailor to take in the dress a little versus adding to it, it will boost your confidence and encourage you to continue your efforts of getting into shape.


Now remember, your new health plan needs to be a lifestyle change and not a diet. Being on a diet means you will someday be off a diet, and therefore more likely you will always gain the weight back, plus additional weight if you went on a crash diet. Despite what you see on television or hear from friends, there is no special pill or magic drink that can transform you in to the bride that you have pictured on your wedding day. All it takes is you eating healthier, properly and getting at least 30 minutes of exercise a day. So eat smart and be active as there will be a lighter you walking down that aisle.