Maui Beach Wedding Favor Ideas

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Maui Beach Wedding Favor Ideas

If you’re having a beach wedding, your beach wedding favors to reflect the day. Most beach weddings are fairly informal so keep that in mind as your choosing your favors. In Hawaii, it’s is against the law to remove rocks, shells and lava from the beaches. There are many shops around the island that carry beautiful shells, sand filled trinkets that are very reasonably priced. If on the West side of Maui, you can try the shops on Front St., Hilo Hatties or the ABC Store. On the South Side you can try the ABC store, or hit the Market places down on South Kihie Rd.   Another great place to look is at the local Swap meet which happens on Saturday in Kahalui across the street from the Maui Cultural Arts Center.

Here are a couple things that you might consider as favors:

1) Give your guests a relaxation CD of the sound of crashing waves, Soothing  Hawaiian chants or a CD from  many of Maui’s local artists.

2) Shark fin novelty gifts. With a little sleuthing, you might be able to find something like shark fin book ends, shark fin paperweights, etc.

3) How about some local snack or sauces that you can only find in Hawaii and or exclusive to Maui. One yummy treat is a local Wow-wee Maui chocolate bar.

4) Maui’s winery has many gifts to choose from that are only found on the island.

5.) Maui Babe- Sunscreen- local lotions for after a day on the beach are also available

For more ideas on beach wedding favors, just sit back and think about the beach. Plastic pails & shovels, beach blankets, suntan lotion, and jellyfish are all part of the beach experience that can be incorporated into neat beach wedding favors.