Maui Groomsmen, gift basket

NicoleMaui Photography


Maui guys are laid back and defiantly not complicated. If you’re thinking Fruit basket… Think again.  The men on Maui love their beer and surf.


You can stuff a lot of beer in a garbage pail, so unless you want to spend a lot of money on your groomsmen you better start piling in some other things to fill the space. Here are some ideas:

  • Beer – Lots of beer.  The local liquor store now sells mini kegs, beers that come mixed with various types of lagers, dark and light. Some sell various light beers, and some sell various local beers. If you know what each guy likes, aim to put a six-pack of bottles.
  • Chips- You gotta have chips with beer! Maybe if you get Mexican beers you can throw in some chips and salsa.
  • Local Grinds- why not get crunchy munch, spam mubsabi or poke.
  • Stick a TV Guide or a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition into the pail.
  • Beer nuts or better yet, how about some  local boiled peanuts
  • How about some sex wax,  a new leash, or a $20 gas card
  • Stick a couple of coupons for free pizza, free movie rentals, or anything along those lines into the pail.
  • A can of beans and a manual can opener
  • If you want these guys to be friends forever, don’t forget their dogs (if they have any). You might want to toss a couple of dog bones into the “beer basket” as well.