Photo Finishing and what paper to order

NicoleMaui Photography

I am often asked what kind of finish to get when odering photo enlagements, prints and albums. Here is some info that may help you in deciding.



What’s the difference between a metallic print and one with a matte, luster, or glossy finish? The matte photo is duller and is used to reduce glare if a photo is meant to be framed. This is also generally the option for smaller photos that are expected to be handled a lot, because fingerprints are less likely to show. A glossy photo is just that, one with a high gloss look. It also reveals detail better than a matte or a luster photo which has a more subtle shine to it than the high gloss print. A luster finish is usually used on portraits.

Metallic photos, however, are developed on laminated paper that produces a kind of iridescent sheen or metallic quality. A much sharper image is created, one with more life-like depth and magnificent detail. Plus the toughness of the laminated layers results in a print that is less likely to tear.