A Maui Beach Wedding And Things To Consider

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A beach wedding in Maui is a great way to tie the knot. Whether you want it casual, romantic or personal, beach weddings can be a perfect fit for any couple. A beach wedding can be a

Just the two of you and a couple of close friends, or have a huge beach party and invite all your friends. If you are a local couple living here in paradise, you can even make a weekend of it if you want.


In order to have your wedding on the beach in Maui, you’ll first need to secure a beach permit. You can do this yourself and or if you are using me as your Maui wedding photographer, I’d be happy to pull a permit for you. If you’re planning a larger event and using a wedding coordinator, no need to worry as your coordinator will take care of your permit and secure your licensing appointment.


If you are not using a coordinator then you’ll need is to get your wedding license. The application for your license can be downloaded by clicking on this link: http://hawaii.gov/health/vital-records/vital-records/marriage/index.html. After downloading the application and filling it out you then should make your licensing appointment. There are several agents around Maui to choose from but, I would suggest making your appointment with an agent that’s closest to where you’re staying.  Here’s a link that should prove to be useful in locating a licensing agent closest to where you planning on staying: http://www.mauiweddingnetwork.com/MarriageLicenseAgents.html.

Please note that for your appointment, you will be required to bring a valid ID and it will cost you $65.