Gift for the groomsmen

NicoleMaui Photography

   Your big day is soon approaching and it’s time to think about what sort of gifts to get the groomsmen.


For your groomsmen, the sky’s the limit when it comes to gift ideas. For the most part they tend to be more on the side of easy going. Therefore, you could go with a more humorous gift for your guy friends. Of course you know them best, so choose wisely if you think they might be up for it. After all, a funny gift might give you a big laugh as well and relieve some of your own nerves prior to the big day.


–          Most guys love sports, therefore why not create a sports basket for them. These could be items from their favorite teams or perhaps their favorite sport, like a golf basket. You could go big and get a personalized golf bag and fill it with a sun visor, towel, golf balls (maybe with your wedding date engraved on them) and a nice club.


–          For some more practical gifts, consider getting them pocket knives, a watch, mp3 player, engraved money clip, a flask or an engraved pen.


–          Why not make a beer basket? However, instead of the basket, use something manlier such as a small sports themed garbage pail or cooler. Fill it with popcorn, beer, a sports magazine, tickets to a game, chips or even food.


–          If you want to make it a bit more personal, consider making them a CD that brings back memories of your lives together through the years.


If your considering getting Married and coming to Maui, please feel free to give me a call for specific ideas on gifts for your groom and of course inquire about Photography for your special day.