Ideas on how to propose

NicoleMaui Photography

1). Take your special someone to the place where you had your first date and re-create it exactly how it happened on that day. Have the same dinner and do the same things you did together that night. At the end take your partner to a special place, such as a park with some sparkling lights and flowers all around, and ask your partner if they remember this place on our first date. They should say no, and then you proceed to say “you may not remember it now, but you will remember it from this moment to the rest of our lives together” and then get down on one knee and propose.


2). If your partner happens to be an avid newspaper reader you could put a picture of them in the paper with a sweet little story on how you two  met, or the reasons why you love them. Then put in big print “will you marry me?” While they’re reading this, get down on one knee and have the ring box waiting for them to see when they look up from reading the paper.


3). Set up a romantic dinner at home with candlelight and music, such as your favorite song together or maybe hire a quartet to serenade him or her. Then prepare your partner’s favorite food or you could hire a private chef to cook it for you. Of course you could always order out take home as well. Either way it’s the thought that counts. Then after dinner you could give her a cake that’s made to look like a ring box, but don’t put the ring in the food because it can dull it and you’ll have to get it cleaned right away. While they are admiring the cake, slip the real ring on to the table.

4). A fun way to propose is to send your partner out on a scavenger hunt. Give them a list of the things to find. The list should have some kind of meaning to it. For example, have them find a menu from the first place you ate at together. Have them find the special things that have meaning in your relationship and with each item on the list that they find leave a note with a reason why you love them along with a rose. At the end they will have collected eleven roses. The final search will lead them to meeting you somewhere special, where you will be waiting with the twelfth rose, along with the ring.