Marriage Proposal Ideas

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Marriage Proposal Ideas 


A marriage proposal to the man or woman of your dreams can be one of the most amazing moments of both of your lives. So make it a marriage proposal that they never see coming. Sure you could go the more traditional route and have the usual romantic dinner along with music playing. Then after dessert you profess your undying love to them and get down on one knee. However they will be expecting that.

Where’s the fun in that.


Find proposal ideas that will shock them with something that they would never expect. You know your future spouse better than anyone, so take in your partner’s personality into consideration before proposing. However, if your partner is the outgoing adventurous type, use these six marriage ideas or just take away some inspiration to create a unique proposal for your partner.


1. You could hire a professional photographer and have them take some pictures of you two at special locations that you and your partner have enjoyed together over the years. Go through your relationship from the beginning to the present day and have the photographer combine pre-shot photos that you already have, along with the new shots, and have the photographer design a collage of your relationship.


A professional photographer has the ability to add to the collage items of special meaning in your relationship such as inside joke, a song or a certain saying. You can go small or go large and put the collage on a billboard or the advertising spot at a bus spot. Take your partner to the location and reveal it to them along with a beautiful card that has a picture of you on one knee. Then get down on that knee, while they are looking at the picture, as they stop and look at you, you propose. You could also have the photographer there to capture this moment in pictures.


2. One way to really wow your partner would be to rent a helicopter, or a small plane, and tell them you are going on a short trip and that it’s a surprise. Then have your friends and family get together and put votive candles in white paper lunch bags, light them and have them spell out “will you marry me?’ The plane ride needs to be at night so that you will be able to see the proposal from the sky.


3. A special way to propose to your partner would be to take them to a movie theater that is filled with all of yours, along with your partner’s, friends and family. Make sure it’s dark inside so that they can’t see or recognize their friends. Have a special spot picked out in advance. Instead of the real movie, show a movie that you made for them. Start with pictures of each other’s childhood. Then go to pictures of your relationship from the beginning until present, then add in big letters on the movie screen “will you marry me?” Make sure the movie that you are playing includes music that has meaning in your relationship. Then present him or her with a dozen red roses that were already under your seat and propose.


4. If you and your partner are very adventurous, you could arrange to propose while sky diving. However you may want to give her the ring after you landed safely on the ground. In addition, I would recommend that your proposal not be on your first sky diving experience, because after all, your partner may be nervous or afraid for it to be fun.


5. Prepare a nice picnic for the two of you and go to the beach. In the mean time, have someone save you the perfect spot with a nice fluffy blanket waiting there for you. You can also arrange to have someone play music there such as a guitar or another instrument.


6. Another outside the box idea would be to get a flash mob together and have them dance to some of your favorite songs or act out scenes from your relationship. You can then join them while they are dancing and then all together shout out, “will you marry me?” You could also have the mob point to the sky where a banner is flown overhead that says “will you marry me?” Then get down on one knee and have the flash mob give your partner a single red rose or whatever flower is their favorite.


In any event, think of something fun and unique. A little thought and effort can go a long way in someone’s heart.