Maui Photographer, taking pictures at the beach

NicoleMaui Photography

As a photographer on Maui, one of the most beautiful places on earth. I get many questions about taking great photos on the beach.

 What can make your photos on Maui beaches different than all your other beach pictures?  When you taking photos on Maui’s beaches, look for interesting items to serve as a focal point with the beach as the backdrop. It can be a crab, a coconut, a surfer or even a palm tree.

Look for the uniqueness in your surroundings.

Check the area for an interesting focal point. Perhaps it is a lone and empty beach chair, or a tube of suntan lotion, or perhaps a surfboard propped against a palm tree. Place this item in the foreground, and keep the beach scene in the background.

Use the sun and its impact

We’ve all seen beach pictures gone bad, with the subjects (usually family and friends) partially or completely obscured by too many shadows or an intense back light situation.

It’s good to consider the time of day your shooting and early am light or sunset at the beach is best. It doesn’t usually get overcast on Maui but, clouds surely make your sky more interesting. Add a circular polorizer to  cut the glare and enhance your photo. If you do this please take note that you shot will be about a stop darker with it on.