Maui Photography, eight tips for taking your vacation photos

NicoleMaui Photography

Here’s a few photography tips while your on your Maui vacation.


1. Your photos should tell a story- when someone looks at your photos they should be left with a feeling

2. Do your homework Р Incorporate the Hawaiian culture.

3. Capture Maui’s local Flavor- food, dress, life style

4. Look for themes

5. Create a photo Menu- You can d this with food, t-shirts, slippers

6. Always Have your camera- The one time you leave your camera in your hotel room is the time your going to miss a shot

7. Take lots of photos- you can never have enough

8. Be aware of the sun, shadows and time of day


If your the type that loves photos but, just do not want to bring the camera, I am always available for your photography needs, allow me to follow you around and document your vacation on Maui.


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