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PhotoPhilanthropy 2011 Activist Awards


September 2, 2011 /Photography NewsPhotoPhilanthropy promotes and rewards photographers working with non-profit organizations around the world to tell stories that drive action for social change.
Have you photographed the story of a non-profit organization or helped a charity get their story told through images? Then you are a photophilanthropist, and PhotoPhilanthropy wants to recognize and reward you through their Activist Awards!
The PhotoPhilanthropy Activist Award identifies outstanding work done by photographers in collaboration with non-profit organizations worldwide. In previous years, PhotoPhilanthropy has received work from photographers in 85 different countries, showcasing the work of 405 non-profit organizations.
  • Professional Photographer: Any individual who earns the majority of their living from photography.
  • Amateur Photographer: Any individual who does not earn the majority of their income from photography.
  • Student Photographer: Any current student with less than two years of professional work including internships.
  • Community-based Photography: Given to a non-profit organization that teaches photography within a community and empowers the group to share their unique perspective through photography.
The top photo essays will be awarded:
  • Professional Photographer: $15,000 Grand Prize
  • Amateur Photographer: $2000 Grand Prize
  • Student Photographer: $2000 Grand Prize 
  • Community-based Photography: $2000 Grand Prize
Two finalists in each category will also be announced.
  • Professional and amateur: November 1, 2011
  • Student: December 1, 2011
The winners will be announced in January, 2012.
Photophilanthropy recognizes and respects copyright held material and photographers will retain full copyright to, and ownership of, their submitted photography.
Essays accepted into the competition will be posted on the PhotoPhilanthropy website. Entry constitutes permission for PhotoPhilanthropy to copy, publish and display all submitted materials in print or electronic form without compensation by PhotoPhilanthropy, for use in promoting PhotoPhilanthropy, the Activist Awards and the advancement of the goals and mission of PhotoPhilanthropy. The PhotoPhilanthropy credit, along with the photographer’s credit and the name of the featured non-profit will always appear if the image is used for these purposes. No images will be redistributed or sold to third parties for re-use. Any inquiries for licensing of images will be redirected to the photographer.