The Wedding Ring

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The Wedding Ring

The wedding ring has various symbols depending on what part of the world you are
from. The ring is believed to have started as early as 3,000 B.C., by the Egyptians as they
coined the phrase, “without beginning, without end.” Their rings were made from woven
hemp. In addition, because the ring was round, it represented an unending love, just as it
is today.

From the days of hemp, the bride’s ring has evolved. Romans used iron and Italians used
diamonds. Today, the tradition is usually gold, but sometimes silver can also be used,
depending on the bride’s preference.

In America, it is custom to place both the engagement and wedding ring on the third
finger of the left hand, which the reason it’s referred to as the “ring finger.” However,
that was not always the case. In the very early days, the ring was placed on the index
finger. It then was moved to the third finger as many thought that the third finger had
the “vein of love” which happens to lead straight to the heart.

 Maui Wedding photographer- Nicole Sanchez