Wedding Favors

NicoleMaui Photography


Wedding favors are just one of many aspects you have to take in consideration when planning your wedding and reception. With costs on the rise, wedding favors are finding their way more and more at the bottom of the priority list. However, this does not have to be the case. In fact many people have gotten more creative with their favors to still bring fun and elegance at a fraction of the price.


The tradition of wedding favors first started back in the times of the Romans. However, it was back a few centuries ago with the Italians and the French that wedding favors began as regular tradition as they would send off their special wedding guests with wedding favors known as bonbonnieres. In addition, they were also given out at other special occasions. These special gifts were small boxes that were either made out of porcelain, precious stones, crystal or metal. These little boxes would always include small delicate items in them that took time to make. Therefore, when a guest would receive them, they knew that they where special because there was so much time, money and effort into making them for their guests.


These boxes were also a way for the bride and groom to send some of their luck home with their wedding guests. Back then a wedding was considered to bring luck, health, fertility and happiness to the special couple and by sending their guest’s home with these gifts, was a way of thanking them for attending their event and send them off with their own good luck. These days you are not stuck with a box to fill with little trinkets, but rather whatever your imagination can come up with can be turned into a wedding favor.