Wedding Photography Can Make Or Break Your Memories

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Wedding Photography Can Make Or Break Your Memories


Wedding photography is just one of many items to consider when planning your wedding. However, what sets it apart from other aspects are its lasting impressions. Years after your wedding is over, a ruined cake or wilted flowers will no longer be an issue, but your wedding photos will either continue to bring you lasting joy of your day or be a reminder of how unhappy you were with the photography experience.


Therefore, when selecting a wedding photographer, do your due diligence and be thorough. This is an area where cutting costs could actually cost you in the long run. You will need a wedding photographer who is able to envision the people around them and not only know how that would make a great photo, but how they are able to blend in without being intrusive. You need to remember that the wedding photographer is a professional but they are not mind readers, so if there are certain things you want in your photos be sure and tell them.


Interviewing the photographer


Prior to planning your photographic shots, you will need to hire a photographer. This may be one of the most important parts of planning your wedding because they are the ones that will leave you with lasting impressions. Therefore, be thorough during your interview process. There are many ways to find a wedding photographer these days. You may be referred through word of mouth, the phone book, or the biggest resource today, the internet search engines; which allows for instant views of the photographer’s work


Before meeting your potential wedding photographer, you need to be prepared with ideas that are important to you. In addition, let them know what you would like your wedding album to look like so that they have some direction in the style that you desire. You should also ask them about their back-round, experience and style. You may want to consider entering your interview with a list of questions regarding important ceremony moments such as: the procession, close up of groom and bride’s mothers, the father giving away his daughter, exchanging the rings and the kiss, among other things.


Important Questions To Ask


Below is just a sample of questions to consider asking a potential wedding photographer during their interview:


– Do they have samples of their work?

– Are you interviewing the photographer that will be shooting the wedding or a representative of the company?

– What is the price of the package?

– What is included in the package?

– Is video included?

– What is their schedule?

– Do they have assistance?

– What are their policies and guarantees?

– How soon will you get the photos?

– Do they have any references they can provide?


Reception Pictures


The photos at your reception are just as important as the ones during the wedding. After all, your photographer will capture both the traditional shots as well as the spontaneous fun shots. Some key shots to consider are:


– The couple’s arrival

– The entrance of the rest of the bridal party

– Cutting the cake and the feeding or smashing it into your spouse’s face

– All the toasts

– The bride and groom’s first dance

– The father/daughter dance

– The newlyweds leaving the event


Guests As Photographers


Leaving the great moments to be captured by your professional photographer, often some of the most memorable photos are the ones taken randomly by your guests. After all, no one is posing for the casual guest and who knows your guests better than your friends or family members. Imagine the fun you and your spouse will have opening the packets of photos that you have developed versus those that are from your professional posed photos.


Remember, your wedding and reception is a once in a lifetime event and you want the person that is capturing these life changing moments to be someone with whom you trust and feel comfortable with. It is very important that you feel that you, and your photographer, have the same vision for your wedding. Therefore, do not be afraid to ask for something or voice your opinion on something you do not like.


They are professionals, and although they know what they are doing, their number one job should be pleasing you and providing the best possible service that they can, along with great photographic memories. Once again, be sure to find someone that will share your vision and help you create memories that will last a lifetime.