A Beach Wedding

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A Beach Wedding With Flair


A beach wedding can be many things, such as fun, elegant or very whimsical. However, how do you know if a beach wedding is right for you? If you are not a beach going type of person, then why have the most important day of your life at the beach? On the other hand, if you are a beach goer, then your personality matches the setting and thus making a wedding at the beach all that much better.


There are so many great ideas for a beach wedding theme at any beach, or even a Hawaii wedding theme. The great thing about a beach wedding is that you can keep it real basic, such as going barefoot with Hawaiian shirts and dresses along with leis or take it to the extreme with costumes from various beach or ocean themes. Here are just a couple of ideas to consider for your beach wedding theme.


Sailing The Ocean Blue


If sailing is your thing, consider a nautical theme. You could wear a beautiful, yet simple wedding dress, that is very sleek and form fitting. Meanwhile your spouse may option to dress as the captain of the ship and wear a skipper style uniform. Perhaps a Navy style or dark navy blue pants with some kind of boating themed shirt, and of course the skipper’s hat. Your wedding can take place on the boat as the boat sails around the harbor. Examples of decor could include using the netting that they use to catch fish with to decorate tables or have it hanging from the ceiling along with anchors and rope. You could include a lighthouse as your cake topper, along with “message in a bottle” as wedding favors for your guests.


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