Beach Party Wedding Ideas

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Beach Party Wedding Ideas


A beach wedding party theme is something you can really let your creative juices flow and yet keep it casual and budget friendly. If going casual, you can wear a sweet little sundress while your groom wears shorts and a short sleeved shirt. Be sure to inform your guests to dress for the beach so that they can be comfortable and not feel overdressed for your theme. Perhaps some may want to bring their bathing suits for after the event.


A different idea for your reception could be the use of beach towels instead of chairs, but be sure to provide some shade for everyone. You could also bring some beach balls and sand pails for the kids to play with. As for food, you can treat it like a nice summer get together and have a barbeque and play some games such volleyball.

There are really no rules for a beach party wedding theme. That’s one thing that is nice about it, it allows you to do whatever you like to do and just because you are grown-ups, it doesn’t mean you have to go by the book. Only you can make your wedding memorable and unique to you and your spouse.


Real Extreme Beach Wedding Ideas


For something really out there, you could have your hair put up with kind of a whimsical curl, then add a star fish in your hair or some beautiful pearls. After your hair is set, wear a mermaid style dress or you can opt for a wedding dress that is blue to match the ocean color. For some that push to the extreme, you may dress yourself as Ariel from “The Little Mermaid” and have a themed wedding. Of course then your groom would dress as Prince Eric. Your cake could be sea foam green or a beautiful ocean blue with sea shells or wrapped in some seaweed. Dinner? How about Sebastian, the crab.


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