Bridal Shower and Wedding Day Superstitions

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Bridal Shower and Wedding Day Superstitions



Here are some interesting wedding superstitions from your Maui Wedding Photographer- Nicole Sanchez. Happy Reading…

–          An old superstition for good luck is whatever the bride says while she is opening her shower gifts, she will have to repeat on her wedding night. Generally a friend would scribble down some of the comments while she is opening her gifts, so that the bride can prepare herself. So if you’re a bride-to-be, be aware of your comments or they may come back to haunt you later.


–          The first gift that the soon-to-be bride opens will be the one thing that she needs to use first. Therefore, choose wisely.


–          If you are a guest at the shower, and the future bride opens your gift third, superstitions says that you will soon be blessed with a baby. Which, in hindsight, could be a good thing or if not, then maybe you might not want to push your luck and give your gift to her after she has opened the third one.


–          Even certain days of the month or weeks mattered because some days are simply considered luckier than others and some are looked at as having very bad luck. With that in mind, here is a saying that was generated many years ago:


“Monday for health,

Tuesday for wealth,

Wednesday best of all,

Thursday for losses,

Friday for crosses,

Saturday for no luck at all.”


What makes that a bit eerie is considering that most people today get married on Saturday’s.


–          Most everyone knows about the something borrowed and something blue, but what you may not know is the color of the bride’s dress translates to. Such as:


“Married in White, you have chosen right;

Married in Grey, you will go far away;

Married in Black, you will wish yourself back;

Married in Red, you will wish yourself dead;

Married in Green, ashamed to be seen;

Married in Blue, you will always be true;

Married in Pearl, you will live in a whirl;

Married in Yellow, ashamed of your fellow;

Married in Brown, you will live in the town;

Married in Pink, your spirit will sink.”