Inexpensive Wedding Favors

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Inexpensive Wedding Favors


Since weddings can be very expensive, most of your financial budget will be used towards your wedding essentials, as well as making it beautiful. Although wedding favors are one of the easier and most fun aspects of wedding planning, quite often they are not a top priority. In fact many people include them for the sake of tradition. If cost is an issue, there are many other options for wedding favors at the reception. Ideas for inexpensive wedding favors may include:


-Instead of having wedding favors for everyone sitting at the table, do a couple of door prizes. One such door prize could be a themed gift basket. Theme ideas to consider would be an entertainment basket that may include movie tickets along with popcorn or candy. Another basket could be a wine tasting basket that includes small cheeses. These door prizes may cost a little more than the average wedding favor, but by subtracting the quantity of gifts will allow you to save a little money. There are many ways to decide who gets the door prize such as a drawing, placing a placard under a couple of seats or some kind of contest.


-Use your centerpieces as your wedding favors that way instead of just throwing them away, you can send them home with your guests. To decide who at the table gets the centerpiece, have a contest such as the oldest at the table or the person with the most kids, etc.


-Why not get two uses out of something rather than just one? If candles are used as decorations at your wedding reception, why not have both yours and your spouse’s name on them, along with the day of your wedding. So not only is it adding decoration to your table, but it is also a practical item to be used by your guest that wins it.


-One fun idea would be to have your guests create their own wedding favors. You could put together a small do-it-yourself kit and by the end of the reception they will have made a cute little picture frame or sand vase to take home.


If you are concerned that the above ideas may come off as being cheap or silly and you are wondering what your guests may think, just remember the reason your friends and family are there. They are there to celebrate and send you off on your new life together. Besides most people won’t really care about how elaborate the wedding favors are as sometimes they either get left behind, forgotten or thrown away. Remember, it’s your budget and only you can decide the best way to spend your money. Don’t let the fear of other’s thoughts dictate how your special day should go.