Maui Wedding Flowers, On A Budget

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 Maui Wedding Flowers, On A Budget


With the exception of the gown, your wedding flowers are often the visual centerpiece of your wedding. Therefore, when planning your wedding, a portion of your budget will go towards your floral arrangements as flowers can take your wedding from drab to something magical.


A portion of your budget will be going towards the wedding flowers, such as bouquets,  flower leis, a flower circles and or a peddle path way. There are ways to cut costs so that you can have the flowers that you desire without breaking your budget. However, before meeting wedding florists, get your color scheme together and perhaps check out Costco and Safeway’s costs prior to contacting a local florist.


Wedding Flower Budgets


One of the ways that you can immediately reduce the cost of your flowers  if dealing with a florist by lowering the amount of variety of flowers you plan on including in your bouquets. The more you narrow your choices down to just one or two flowers that you really like, the least you will have to pay. Many florists offer a deal called a “growers dozen,” which would be approximately 25 roses. The cost for a growers dozen might cost about $30 to $35, while wedding quality ones might cost $25 for 12 flowers. Do your research and find out what options your florists may offer.


Other ways to save is to have your flower girls wear a head wreath that includes only baby’s breath, which is very sweet and beautiful while being very cost effective. Say you love orchids, but they just are not in your budget because they are very expensive, you should check out inexpensive wedding flowers called alstromeria. Alstromeria is basically just a flower that looks like an orchid as they are beautiful and come with three on each stem of the flower.

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