Wedding Gifts

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Wedding Gifts That Put You And Your Guests At Ease


The giving and receiving of wedding gifts is just one area of a wedding and reception that has its share of wedding etiquette. Quite often this becomes an issue for both the wedding couple and the wedding guests as well. How to overcome these issues are a lot easier than you might think.


There are a couple of options to consider when it comes to your gift selection process and the way of informing your guests about the kind of gifts you would like. Your gift selection options could be either:


– Cards Only

– Wedding Gift Registry


Cards Only


Perhaps you’re a couple that prefers to buy your own gifts in lieu of leaving it in the hands of others. Another scenario might be that you’ve both been married before and therefore you bring enough items from your single status lives together and don’t need the gifts. There is a simple solution to these issues. Just add the phrase “No Gifts Please – Cards Only” inscribed in your wedding invitations.


This phrase is not intrusive and you are not asking for money straight out, but most guests feel they want to give you a little something for your wedding. By not bringing a gift, chances are you will find a financial donation in your wedding cards. This allows you to buy the items you want or need, or perhaps towards your honeymoon. Besides, cards are a lot easier to carry home than a car full of boxes.


This method also allows a guest to send the gift via mail ahead of time. That way there is no need to bring another gift on the day of the actual wedding. If you feel a bit awkward by showing up empty handed on the day of the wedding, just buy a sweet wedding card. In addition, you can either write in the card something like, “we hope you liked the gift” or “hope the money comes in handy” to serve as a reminder to the couple.


Perhaps that financial gift was used towards the wedding itself. Also, by not asking for gifts or money, no one feels obligated to give when they may not be able to afford to, which may be a reason some pass on attending weddings.


Wedding Gift Registry


When considering to register for your wedding gifts, select items that you will actually use or need. Otherwise you will find yourself wasting your time returning the gift when you had control of it in the first place. One recommendation is to walk around a variety of stores to get an idea what both you and your future spouse can agree on.


Once you agree, return to the store and register for those items. There is also no reason why you can’t register at more than one store; this gives your guests a variety to choose from. Consider your registry coming from a store for interiors, such as kitchen, bath or various other rooms, to your do-it-yourself centers for items that are quite possibly for a new home.


One thing that you may want to consider when you are registering for your gifts is to do it at least six months in advance. Therefore your wedding guests have plenty of time to pick out a gift. In addition, this will allow for the gift buying to be completed before any of your other wedding related parties. There are two proper ways to inform your guests where you are registered at. Although most wedding etiquette books say not to mention that you are registered or where you are registered at, there is nothing wrong with letting them know. Besides, most people want the guess work taking care of for them so they don’t have to worry whether or not they got the right gift for you or not. One such way is that you could have a small card inserted into your wedding invitation that states your registered location(s). The other way is if you are more modern, you may have a wedding website that can list your registered location(s) as well.


Weddings are a lot of work, but in the end it’s well worth it after you get to experience this amazing day that you have been planning for months, or maybe even years. Well, let’s be honest, girls start thinking about it since we were six or seven years old. Some of these things can seem a bit monotonous and somewhat old fashion, but it all comes together in the end, which will be a day that you will never forget.