Wedding Traditions That Revolve Around Superstitions

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Wedding Traditions That Revolve Around Superstitions


There are many world-wide wedding traditions that we are aware of, such as the dress, the bouquet, the first dance and so much more. However, what about the wedding traditions that is of the superstitious nature? What does certain words or particular colors represent? Whether we believe it or not, we are superstitious by nature and the very tradition of marriage is no exception.


Many of us have been to a wedding in our lifetime, but did you know that most of the wedding traditions we have today have come from superstitions that were from the past. Some may be a bit strange, and hard to believe, while others can come off scary. Especially considering that older generations truly believed in these superstitions. Back then, people took superstitions much more serious than we do today. Now most of us can look at them and laugh and just wonder how did they come up with that?


Even the meaning and origin of the word wedding or wed comes from superstition. The word “wed” has Anglo-Saxon origins and it means that the man who wanted to marry the woman would make a vow to the bride’s father to pay money for her hand in marriage. The word “wedding” means a wager or to gamble, because back in the old days you had to buy the bride from the bride-to-be’s family or the woman’s family would have to pay a sum to the man that her family would like for their daughter to marry into.


In addition, back in those days you did not get divorced, or at least it was very rare for something like that to happen. Which makes it ironic that the word “wedding” has the meaning of “gamble” in it considering that a lot of marriages in today’s society don’t make it? Perhaps it was there way of predicting what might happen to our marriages today.