Your bridal party- Gifts

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ifts for your Bridal Party



The wedding party usually includes everyone participating in some way in the wedding celebration. That could be groomsmen, brides maids, flower girls, both sets of parents.  Many people are helping to bring the big day together. Many people decide to take the group out to a nice restaurant as the wedding gift to the bridal party, but there are other things you can do as well. Of course, the bigger the wedding party, the harder it’s going to be to come up with unique wedding party gifts. Rather than give each individual person something different as a wedding gift, why not give gifts based on gender and/or age.

Women: The ladies can each get the same gift, just make sure to personalize the gift that you give. You might want to give them each a personalized ladies shaver, gift certificates to their favorite book stores or coffee shops, personalized cameras, blankets, sheets, or something simpler and alternative like a personalized mp3 or cell phone cover.

Men: Gifts for the wedding party should be something you know they’ll enjoy. Maybe it’s a bottle of whiskey,  a weekend pass to a racing event. Maybe there’s an awesome concert coming up that they’ll all appreciate having tickets too.

Kids: If you have a flower girl or ring bearer in the wedding party, don’t forget them! Unique wedding party gifts for them could be a case of bubbles to go through. The bubbles will keep them entertained for hours, especially when you tell them it’s “okay” to spend the day blowing bubbles. Hey, it’ll add to the atmosphere and keep them busy at the same time!

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