Reasons to have a Renewal Vow Ceremony

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Reasons to have a Renewal Vow Ceremony


– You want to re-proclaim your love in front of your family and friends, as well as reaffirm your commitment to one another.

– Your first wedding may have had something go awry in one way or another, such as your pictures, therefore allowing you the opportunity for a do over.

– Perhaps when you first got married you were on a very tight budget. This may be an opportunity for you to redo your wedding so that you can finally have the wedding of your dreams.

– At your original wedding some may not have been able to attend, or people that you have met since, now have the chance to be there to celebrate with you.

– The relationship between you and your spouse may have gone through a lot of hard times and although you both have gotten through it together, you would like to reaffirm your love and commitment to one another so that you can have a fresh start together.

– You got married at the court house and now you would like to have a more religious ceremony.

– It would add more spark of romance in your life. In addition, if you have children it would be nice to involve them in the renewal ceremony so that they can see your love for one another.


Look for tomorrow’s blog that share the top reasons why not to have a vow renewal.

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