Vow Renewal, Maui

NicoleMaui Photography

Renewing Vows, Saying I Do – Again


Renewing vows has its many purposes, therefore exactly what and who they are for is the big question. For many people celebrating their renewal vows, it may be done on important dates in the couple’s life, such as their 10th or 25th wedding anniversary. After all, in today’s society, many marriages don’t reach these significant milestones.


In addition, many couples also want to celebrate the moment as if to say, “Look at us, we defied the odds” as they proclaim their love to the world. Don’t have a renewal vow ceremony just because you feel like you should and don’t think you have to put a lot of time and effort in to it. A renewal vow ceremony is very simple, sweet and could take while your visiting us on vacation in Maui.


Your Maui Wedding Photographer- Nicole Sanchez