Want to know what’s new for 2012 Weddings?

NicoleMaui Photography

From what I hear, the traditional  wedding cake and or Groom cakes are going out the door.  What’s coming in 2012 is having a Dessert Table.


So as it looks things are always changing and gone with  having a wedding cake.  It looks like couples are  taking it to the next level and offering up their favorite desserts at their receptions.  In helping with an upcoming 2012 wedding to take place in Maui, the couple is planning to offer their guests various dishes. From home made pies to cupcakes to gourmet  desserts with an on site dessert chef to boot.  The new is a  buffet of beautifully displayed flavors and options for guests.


What would you like to have for a wedding dessert? Let your Maui Wedding Photographer know what you think might be interesting to have for 2012.


Nicole Sanchez- Behind The Lens Maui