Wedding Anniversaries, How To Celebrate Them

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Wedding Anniversaries, How To Celebrate Them


Have a wedding anniversary and not sure what to do? Well whether it is your first or 75th wedding anniversary each one is special and meaningful. Especially in a world today where so many marriages don’t survive, including some before their first anniversary. So remind yourself that every moment is special and needs to be nourished and treasured. If you are the kind of person that wants something special for your anniversary, don’t be afraid to just ask, besides it makes it easier than your partner trying to guess and which may let you down.


If you don’t want to come straight out and say what you want for your wedding anniversary, there are many things you could do to hint at it. Perhaps there is a movie you could watch for inspiration or tell them a story you had heard and then gush all over it saying how nice that was such as “I would like that,” or “I wish we could do something like that.” You might think that your partner should automatically know this but that is not always the case. Everyone is different and has experienced different relationships; therefore your idea of a nice romantic night could be completely different than theirs. If you do not want to tell him, just write them a nice note with a few ideas and after awhile they will begin to understand what might make you happy.


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