How much does the average Wedding cost?

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Today, the average American wedding can cost you about $20,000 which does not include the honeymoon. That is a pretty hefty price to accept especially now in today’s economy. That’s why it is so important before you plan anything, sit down with both sets of parents to see who can afford and be responsible for what. Besides knowing this in advance will help you control some of your stress level as you go through the wedding planning. Once you know who will cover what aspect, you can plan your wedding accordingly.




What is most important is the relationship that you have with one another. Therefore, don’t get lost in trying to outdo anyone else, just focus on you and your future spouse and make it about the two of you and no one else. After all, the last thing you want to do is go into debt for your wedding as that is not a way you want to start out your married life together, especially considering money is usually the number one cause for a marriage not working out. So do not go overboard, plan and stick with a budget that you, and both families can agree on and you will start off your married life together with less stress and hopefully little to no debt.



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