Anniversary Gifts Throughout The Years

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Anniversary Gifts Throughout The Years


The practice of giving a particular anniversary gift on specific anniversaries began with the Germans back in medieval times. However, unlike today they only gave anniversary gifts on the 25th and the 50th anniversaries. Back then the custom generally would be for friends to present the wife with a silver wreath after being married to her husband for 25 years, as the silver was to represent the harmony that it took for their marriage to last so long. After 50 years the wife would receive another wreath, but this time in gold. This practice has been borrowed and expanded on throughout the years and even into modern times.


General guidelines are as follows:


1st Anniversary – Generally is paper or plastic, but more modern times suggest a clock. The flower is the pansy, while the gem stone is the fresh water pearl.


5th Anniversary – Wood is the theme for year five, but if you want to go modern day then consider silverware. The flowers of choice are daisies, while the gemstones would be turquoise or sapphire.


10th Anniversary – The 10th wedding gift usually includes either tin or aluminum. However, the modern day gift for this anniversary would be diamond jewelry. The flower that goes with this anniversary is daffodils and the gemstones are black onyx and diamond.


15th Anniversary – A beautiful gift for this anniversary usually includes crystal, which is why the modern day watch is a great choice as it is not only modern, but includes the crystal tradition of the past. The flower would be roses, while the gemstone is ruby and crystal.


20th Anniversary – In the past, the 20 year anniversary was that of china. Today, china is still part of the gift in bone china or you can go platinum. The flower would be the day lily, while emerald and platinum would represent your gemstones.


25th Anniversary – As in the medieval times, silver was the choice and today it still is. The flower of choice is the iris and the gemstone, staying in the silver theme, is sterling silver.


30th Anniversary – Year 30 is generally pearls, and while you can’t go wrong with pearls, you can go modern with diamonds. The flower is the sweet pea and the gemstones are pearls and jade.


35th Anniversary – This gift usually involves coral, but a more modern gift would be jade. Oddly enough there are no certain flowers that go with this anniversary year, but the gemstones are coral, jade and emerald.


40th Anniversary – This particular wedding anniversary gift has always been, and still is, the ruby. It is also gemstone. The flower is the nasturtium.


45th Anniversary – The wedding anniversary gift, and gemstone, is the sapphire. No flower has been designated.
50th Anniversary – The big 5-0 has always been represented by gold, which is why the modern gift today would be gold jewelry. The flower is violets.


55th Anniversary – The gift is emerald, while there are no certain flowers assigned. The gemstones are emerald and alexandrite.


60th Anniversary – This anniversary gift for both traditional and modern would be diamonds, however, there is no particular flower.


70th Anniversary – Past anniversary gifts would be diamond or platinum, but the modern version would be platinum.


75th Anniversary – The gift would include diamonds.


Although these are traditional guidelines, all you really need to get your spouse is that special something on your anniversary by simply knowing your partner’s likes. You don’t necessarily have to follow this exactly, but almost every woman loves jewelry, so you can’t go wrong there. In addition, by knowing your spouse so well, allows for you to either incorporate the theme into the gift, or go with something they have really want or need. For example, if your spouse enjoys taking pictures get them a nice camera or perhaps enroll them in a photography class. Then use the gift theme of paper to wrap the present in.


As you get along in your marriage the more you may want to stick with the gifts that go with your anniversary year, however let us not forget that the reason for the celebration, your anniversary. Although a gift is always nice to receive, it is still a material item. The main thing is the celebration of your love, your time together and that you are thinking of them. Whether you stick with the traditional list, modern or just go off on your own, just take to heart who your spouse is and what you know they like and you cannot go wrong.


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