Photography Contest – People Culture and Languages

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I ran across this on Photography and thought I would share it with all the photographers out there.


January 28, 2012 /Photography News/ Photography is essentially a form of communication which could be used as a communication media between people from diverse cultures and languages. On the other side, with the advancements of digital technologies, photography has already been democratized as one of the most accessible art forms.

The 21 February Photo Contest 2012 is an international photography contest observing the International Mother Language Day 2012. This photo contest is focused with the same goals, as obtained by the UNESCO for the International Mother Language Day, to promote the importance of linguistic, cultural diversity and multilingualism.

The main objective of this photo contest is to provide a platform where people around the world could share their views and support towards this essential cause through the language of photography. Finally, this photography contest is actually less about competition and more about inspiring mutual respect, understandings and cooperation.

The first, second, third and fourth prizewinners will be awarded gift cards of USD 500, SEK 1000, USD 100 and USD 75, respectively, at some online stores or in other forms. The details about the gift cards is to be appeared. The fifth prizewinner will be awarded a gift voucher of GBP 25 with free shipment at Jack the Hat Photographic.
Eligibility: Open worldwide. Both color and black & white photos are acceptable.
Deadline: 7th February 2012 23:59 GMT