Wedding Traditions Of A French Wedding

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Wedding Traditions Of A French Wedding (Part Two)


Wedding Reception

In France, the traditional wedding cake was the croquembouche, but today it is known as the la piece montee. These cakes are small pastry puffs that are filled with crème and stacked in a pyramid, then covered with spun sugar and a caramel glaze. A traditional reception in France also includes the toasting of each other by the new couple using an engraved, two-handled cup, known as the la coupe de marriage. This cup is generally a highly regarded family heirloom that has been in the family from generation to generation.

Garter (aka La jarretiere)

The use of a garter belt is believed to have originated in the ancient Jewish society. It was there that a ribbon that was worn by the bride on the day of the wedding symbolized fidelity. The tossing of the garter belt did not start until the 14th century as it was the best man that would be the one to remove it, or steal it, from the bride. In some cases the groom would take the garter and cut it into small pieces and then try to sell them to the wedding guests. However, if the bride feared her drunk guests may try to take it from her, she may opt to remove it herself and fling it towards the guests.

One common belief from centuries ago until now is that it is believed that pieces of the bride’s clothing brings good luck to anyone that catches it, thus the garter toss, or the tossing of the bridal bouquet.

Chiverie (aka Le Charivari)

Chiverie is where a prank is played on the new couple on their wedding night. The prank is intended to interrupt the couple when they are finally alone and is usually pulled off by a crowd of people banging pots and pans together, as well as horns and the ringing of bells. The expectation is for the groom and his bride to make an appearance, while still in their wedding attire, and provided treats for the crowd.