Hawaii Wedding And Steps To Consider

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Hawaii Wedding And Steps To Consider

If you’re planning a Hawaii wedding and do not currently live in Hawaii, the planning for such
an ordeal can be cumbersome and stressful. However, if approached with proper focus, a Hawaii
wedding can be the most beautiful ceremony of them all.

Wedding Consultants

Since having your wedding in Hawaii has so many aspects to it, such as travel, lodging, officiate,
wedding photographer just to name a few, you may want to consider a wedding consultant or
coordinator from the island of your choice to guide you along the way and handle your stress for

As a matter of fact, it can be so tedious to plan a wedding from outside the area a consultant is
almost a necessity. A consultant that is an expert with your island can assist you in finding just
the right location. In addition, they often will know the weather patterns in the event you want
a beach or outdoor wedding. In addition, some areas require a permit to hold a wedding and the
consultant will know which location requires one or not.

Quite often you will find that different wedding packages are offered by consultants. These
packages usually will include variations of services from the ceremony to the reception and a
multitude of options in between. In most cases, a Hawaii wedding consultant will handle all your
paperwork and contracts for you, so all you have to do is sign on the dotted line. If you are the
type of person that wants to have more control of your wedding, simply ask your consultant if
they offer non-package services as well.

If you are having your wedding at a resort or in a hotel, often you can find a wedding expert as
part of the hotel staff that can assist you with your planning. This person can be just as important
to you as a wedding coordinator. When you are not familiar with the location, and cannot drop
by at any given moment, a consultant can no doubt be your best asset.

Wedding Licensing

It’s pretty easy to get married in Hawaii. All you really need to do to get your marriage license
is to appear at the office of either a marriage agent or the health department on the island where
you intend to marry. You will need to bring with you a valid I.D., such as a driver’s license, that
shows them proof of your age, to get your marriage license, as well as cash. Call ahead of time
or go online for the most up-to-date price. Then fill out your application and your license will be
issued to you.

The license is good for 30 days and you will receive your marriage certificate via the mail
sometime after your ceremony is completed. You can print the license application off the
website; however you can only apply in person as they will not accept applications that are
either faxed, emailed or mailed to them. In the event you are under the age of 18, further
documentation will need to be provided.

Guest Accommodations

Destination weddings generally tend to have fewer attendees and Hawaii is no difference.
Although you may invite guests to travel and be part of your special day, the couple is generally
not responsible for paying for such things as lodging or travel expenses. This is why if you are
planning a Hawaiian ceremony to invite your guests well in advance so that they have time to
give you their intentions. For those going, it gives them time to save for the trip.

However, if you have the means and feel you want to pay for some or all your guests, or
attendants, and then decide early on who and how you will accomplish this. If you go with a
consultant, often they can book all the rooms at the same hotel and therefore you may receive
a group discount, not to mention a possible free room for the new couple. Discounts may be
offered on rental cars as well. If nothing else, the couple should put together a potential list of
accommodations or flight recommendations for those guests to choose from.

As you get closer for your trip to Hawaii, perhaps you could plan out different outings or events
that you and your guests could attend together, such as a luau. Then get feedback from your
guests and plan accordingly, after all it’s not every day you will all be together on the islands of
Hawaii. Some events may include snorkeling, golfing, boating or simply shopping and sipping
Mai Tai’s.