Planning your Honeymoon: Tips

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 Planning your Honeymoon: Tips


Plan Your Budget: Does your bank account allow for a week at the Sheraton or Motel 6?   Take the time to calculate how much you can spend beforehand. Maybe you might be surprised to receive Wedding gift money to help out.

2. Discuss your idea of the perfect vacation.  Do you both enjoy the outdoors? Do you want to relax in the sun or spend time on the slopes? Are you interested in exploring a exotic destination? Make a list of the things that mean the most to you, and compare notes. Marriage is going to call for lots of compromise, and this is the place to start.

3. Pick your destination. If you’re on a budget, keep in mind that many places adjust their rates seasonally. For instance, it’s cheaper to visit Hawaii in the off season and ski resorts that offer a lot of activities (but no snow) in summer will also be less expensive.

4. Use a travel agent. It doesn’t cost any more, and he or she can make all the arrangements without you having to worry about them. Plus, if something goes wrong, you’ll have someone you know to call.

5. If you’re going abroad, leave plenty of time to make sure your passport is current and you have any visas required. If inoculations are required, get them well before the wedding. To avoid confusion, women are advised to make reservations under their maiden name and wait until returning to legally change a name following marriage.

6. When you make reservations, let them know you’re honeymooning:  People will want to please you (in the hope that you’ll return). You may get upgraded to a better room at no charge, receive a welcome bottle of champagne or wine.

7. Take more money than you think you’ll need: (To make things uncomplicated, you may want to pre-pay for everything, or select a resort that offers an “all-inclusive” rate, which usually covers food, lodging, activities, drinks, transfers, tips, and more.)

8.  Put the privacy sign out: This is especially important if you have a destination wedding, where the guests tend to hang around. A honeymoon is for the two of you, period. No kids, no pets, no cell phones.

9. Schedule time to do nothing at all: While it’s great to know you have plenty of options in terms of things to see and do, this is, after all, a honeymoon.

10. Be considerate of your spouse’s wishes: Compromise on  things to do and you’ll both be happy.

11. Document your Trip: Consider putting money aside to hire a professional photographer to follow you around a few days. This way you can relax and enjoy each other but, will have your photo memories forever.