The Hawaii Wedding And Things To Consider

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The Hawaii Wedding And Things To Consider

Considering a Hawaiian wedding? Hawaii is one of the most beautiful and romantic locations to
hold a wedding. However, before you make a rash decision, there are several factors to consider
before taking this leap. In this part one of three, consider the wedding style, location and the

Having a wedding in Hawaii is a big step as there is much travel and lodging to consider. If you
feel this task could be overwhelming, you may want to consider hiring a wedding coordinator or
consultant located on the island of your choice to assist you in the planning of your big day.

Wedding Style
Prior to planning out the details of your wedding, you need to first decide on your wedding
style. The style you choose will dictate the details of your wedding planning. For many couples,
Hawaii is a ideal location for a romantic place for a wedding, not to mention a fun, low-key
wedding style. In Hawaii, you have many options. You may choose to have your ceremony in a
ballroom, a fancy hotel, in a garden or of course, an Hawaiian beach. The beach of course offers
breath taking views and allows for wonderful photographs.

It is also a possibility to rent out a chapel or a private villa for your wedding ceremony and
reception. Other items to take in consideration for a Hawaiian wedding would be the option of
including the Hawaiian culture. Perhaps it is the culture and tradition of the clothing, music, food
or wedding vows. Only you can decide the direction to take your ceremony.

Locations for a Hawaii wedding get reserved quickly therefore plan at least a year in advance
and reserve your location. Not only booking early gives you that peace of mind, but it allows
time for booking the different vendors you will need. Since you will be traveling, an early
reservation also allows family, friends and other guests to start planning in advance as well. A
wedding in Hawaii is not something you throw together last minute unless you are not planning
on a small guest list. If you need help with your location, your Maui Wedding Photographer is bound to be a great resource for information as taking into consideration the location and time of day of your wedding will have a great affect on your Maui wedding photos.

You also want to take in consideration the date of your wedding. If you are looking to marry in
Maui on Valentine’s Day, you may have to book earlier than a year, be flexible with location on
Maui or reserve your spot a lot sooner than a year out. Special days such as Valentine’s Day or a
unique date such as the past November 11, 2011 (11/11/11) fill up pretty fast for Hawaii wedding photographers. The Key is to book early and get your date secured.

Like with many couples selecting a location, you may want to take the time to visit the location
to ensure it is suitable for you and your guests. If you have seen it in previous visits or can get
a virtual tour via the internet, then you may be good to go. Otherwise, you may want to take the
time and money and come to Hawaii to see for yourself. After all, what if you are planning a
beach wedding where there is sand, water and perhaps rocks and you have guests in wheelchairs?
It may become an issue. Better to deal with that up front instead of at the altar. Another thing is that if you do plan to visit the location before hand, you may want to invite your Maui wedding photographer to meet you at the location so you can plan out your photo list in advance. This helps to save time the day of your wedding and also gives you and your  Maui photographer a chance to get to know one another before your wedding date.

When planning a wedding in Hawaii, first narrow it down to which island to have it on. Once
you have decided that, you can obtain a list of its many locations to have your ceremony and

any potential obstacles you will need to overcome. Unless you live in Hawaii and already

know the area, hiring a wedding consultant that is familiar with that particular island is highly

So many people head to Hawaii for their honeymoons. However, what if you get married in
Hawaii? Do you have to leave the island? Why should you? Stay in Hawaii and explore all that
the island has to offer, especially if you have never been there before. Take the opportunity to
do the touristy things, but also take in the life of the locals. You will be amazed by what you can
find when you get into the heart of the islands.

Perhaps you got married on the island of Oahu and want some alone time with your new spouse
away from family and friends, then take a couple of days over on Maui as each island has so
much to offer that differs from one another. After a couple of days, go back to enjoy Hawaii with
your family and friends to make it a truly great vacation.