Wedding Photography By: Madeline Barbour

NicoleMaui Photography

With all the trends in wedding photography these days, it can be hard to take creative photos that
genuinely represent the couple’s personalities and the feel of the day. Here are a few creative ideas for
wedding photos to inspire couples and photographers alike.

1. Find a Private Spot – After the wedding ceremony is over and the formal pictures have been taken,
lead the couple to a private spot where they can take pictures on their own. This allows them to have
some one-on-one time before returning to the reception. This will certainly provide some candid
intimate shots.

2. Use a Meaningful Object – One way to make wedding photos unique for a couple is to include an
object that is important to them in some of the shots. This could be anything from a baseball cap to a
stuffed animal – anything that means something to the couple. The object could be included in detail
shots, such as the head table, or the couple can interact with it in some photos.

3. Include a Pet – If a couple wants to include Fido or Fluffy in the special day, don’t be afraid to take
photos with the pet. Pets can add another element for the couple to interact with and will provide
spontaneously cute poses.

4. Have Fun – Some of the best wedding photos end up being the candid ones of the wedding party
laughing and enjoying themselves. Goofy expressions and funny poses can also make great pictures.

5. Be Daring – Even if the bride isn’t up to trashing her dress, there are a number of great shots than can
be taken if she isn’t afraid to get a little dirty. On a beach like Maui, a bride and groom could have an
intimate moment in the sand or take a dip in the ocean – in full wedding attire!

6. Leave Out Faces – Creative photos don’t always have to include faces. Shots of everyone’s feet, the
couple’s held hands, or the wedding party’s backs can be interesting shots as well.

7. Include Everybody – When it comes to big weddings, it can be hard to ensure photos of every guest.
Organizing a large group photo of everyone at the wedding, whether taken from up on a balcony in
the church or on a cliff overlooking the beach, can be a great solution. The group could even stand in a
specific shape, such as a heart or the first letter of the couple’s last name.

This article was written by Madeline Barbour. She is an experienced photographer who owns the site