Wedding Clothes For The Groom’s Big Day

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Wedding Clothes For The Groom’s Big Day

When it comes to the big day, the wedding clothes for the groom takes a backseat as most of
the focus is on what the bride will be wearing. However, the groom sets the tone as he is seen in
front of the guests before she makes her grand entrance. The classiness of his wedding clothes
can affect the expectations of the wedding.

You will find that the groom, along with his attire, are either never mentioned, or they get a side
note, in most wedding television shows or magazines. You may also see a few booths dedicated
to the groom at many wedding conventions, but is small in comparison to the sea of women’s
bridal vendors.


When it comes to the groom’s attire and that classic look, you can never go wrong with the black
tuxedo, accompanied with a pure white shirt and black tie. You also won’t be a miss with a
white tuxedo, especially if it’s meant to single him out from his groomsmen. The classic tux will
always be in style and never hard to find.

For the tie, the groom can stay with the classic look of either going with black or white. The
black tie is the most versatile and can be arranged in different styles. The traditional black tie
often is seen with angular peaks, along with an elegant notch lapel, or a round shawl collar. The
rest of the black tuxedo may include satin striped black pants, a cummerbund, white shirt that
either has a turned down or winged collar, along with French cuffs. No tux would be complete
without the well polished black dress shoes.

Your standard length tie can be worn at any time of day or night, but a bowtie is generally worn
for evening ceremonies.

In the event you are going with a European royalty look, then consider the ultra formal white
tie. You may have seen this classic look on television or in the movies with diplomatic dinners
or evenings at the opera. Wearing a white tie is normally done in evening weddings, along with
suspender style black pants and a white colored wing collar shirt that hosts a white boutonniere.

Look for more on the grooms clothing in tomorrows Blog post!


Maui Wedding Photographer- Nicole Sanchez