Wedding Clothes For The Groom’s Big Day continued…

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In the event you want to avoid wearing a tuxedo, you can always go with a either a casual or formal suit. Unlike tuxedos, suits are sleek and can be worn over and over again for several of events or for work.

For formal suits, it’s all about the right fit. After all, if it doesn’t fit just right, you will find yourself fidgeting all ceremony long. Most formal suits worn are dark gray or black, along with ties that are either silver, black, dark gray or even a light patterned. The modern day suit jacket usually includes three buttons and is single breasted. A proper arm length shirt should have the cuffs extend out from the end of the coat sleeve approximately a half inch.

A casual suit can often go off color such as tan, light gray or even navy. A casual suit also gives you more leeway to have fun with your attire and be a bit more playful. Modern day casual suit pants are generally flat-front pants that include a slim, form-fitting jacket.

Alternative Wear

If you’re into something other than the traditional suit or tuxedo, you can have a little fun with your attire. For a beach wedding, you can really go casual wearing shorts, bathing suits or nice casual pants along with a nice free flowing shirt. If the Hawaiian look is your thing, you can incorporate the khaki colored slacks, open necked white dress shirt, while wearing the traditional Hawaiian lei and often sans the footwear.

In the event you want to honor your ancestral heritage or culture, there are many options to choose from. You can go with:

– Your traditional suit, but opt for other colors to represent you native country

– A grand boubou or a dashiki suit may be worn by African men

– Latin American men can choose to wear a guayabera dress shirt

– For the Scottish, or even Irish, kilts are also very popular choices

– If you are getting married in Las Vegas, you cannot rule out the Elvis attire

A patriotic way to go for military personnel is to wear one’s uniform. Perhaps it is the full dress or maybe a dressed down version such as their fatigues. Wearing any awarded medals can add a classy, not to mention deserved, look to your attire.