Wedding Hair Styles And How To Care For Them

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Wedding Hair Styles And How To Care For Them

Your wedding hair style can set the tone for your day; therefore this is the last place you want to have a bad hair day. With as many options that are around today there is a hairdo for every personality. This is the day that you want everything to be perfect and you want your hair to look its best and the most beautiful it has ever looked.

When it comes to how you want your hair, there are usually two types of brides, the ones that just want to look like a better version of themselves or the bride who wants that dramatic look with hair extensions and lots of accessories. It all depends on your personality and what you are going for on your special day, as long as you feel beautiful.

Hair Condition and Accessories

Months before your wedding day you need to start taking really good care of your hair. Make sure you are getting it trimmed on a regular basis so that there will be a reduction of split ends. Consider treating yourself to some spa hair treatments like a deep conditioning treatment or scalp treatments so that your scalp will be nice and healthy. In addition, try different products on your hair so that you know what will work best with your hair. Planning this in advance will allow you to not have any surprises on your wedding day.

When it comes to hair accessories, there are so many different types out there from simple jeweled hair clips to dramatic tiaras full of “bling.” When you are choosing your hair accessories it is a good idea to have your hair set up the way you will wear it on your wedding day, that way you will know how it will look ahead of time. Also think about the color and style of your dress as you do not want your hair accessories to overpower your dress.

Do It Yourself Hairstyles

If you need to save money or you enjoy doing your hair yourself, then here are a couple of ideas that are simple to do but still look like they were professionally done. When people comment on your hair, you can beam with pride and let them know you did it yourself. Some people may be so impressed with your hair that you might be able start up a side job doing other people’s hair. Such ideas could include:

– Ponytail with a Headband: Start by blow drying your hair, then follow that by flat ironing it so that it will be nice and smooth. Then put your hair in a ponytail and take a strand of your hair to cover up the headband. Then put the headband on.
– Bun with a Flower: Put your hair up into a nice bun and then buy a clip with the type of flower that goes with your dress. If you can’t find one, simply make one yourself. You may want to consider not using a real flower because it may not look good towards the end of the day.
– Braid It: First tease your hair at the top to add volume, and then braid it in the back into either a regular braid or a French braid.
– Have it Pinned Back: This style is perfect if you’re debating on whether you should wear it down or up. Pull part of your hair up and pin it with a jeweled clip.

All of these do-it-yourself hairstyles can be changed and added to make it more dramatic and more your style.

Wedding Dress Style and Location

When thinking about what type of hairstyle you will want on your wedding day, you will need to consider the type of wedding dress you have and the location where you will be getting married at. For example it is not advised to have a large dramatic ball gown, with matching dramatic hair, to a beach wedding because the atmosphere will not mesh well together and the wind would mess up your hair. Therefore, a beach wedding should have more of a casual hairstyle that allows for flowing locks. That way if it is windy on your day, which more than likely it will be, it won’t bother your hairstyle too much. The same goes for if you are using a very formal wedding venue, you might look out of place if you wore a casual dress with a c