Romantic Places To Get Engaged

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Romantic Places To Get Engaged

There are many different romantic places in America where you can propose to your partner. Romantic places could be local to where you live, on the other side of the country or anywhere in between. Coming up with the absolute best place and way of proposing can be fun, but also challenging.

Although you may know your partner best, there likes and dislikes, here are just a few ideas and locations of some of the most romantic places for you to consider and where you simply cannot go wrong when proposing your intentions for engagement. Whichever you choose, your partner will love it. Make it fun and don’t forget to take photos so that the memories will last forever.


The place that is known as the Aloha State, where it means both hello and goodbye, which hopes that you may be saying goodbye but you will soon be saying hello again. Hawaii has the most beautiful beaches in the world and almost always has great weather so that you are able to enjoy those pristine beaches and making it a great place to propose to that special someone. Hawaii is a made up of separate islands, such as Maui, where each offers a little something different. In Hawaii you can snorkel, horseback ride or maybe even find a nice deserted beach just for the two of you. You can also enjoy a luau together or if you and your partner are into the night life, they have some amazing nightclubs where you can party until sunrise, then go take a nice romantic stroll along the beach. Hawaii is romantic and there are so many ways to have a wedding proposal there. For ideas on how to capture it all on Film, Contact Nicole at Behind The Lens Maui, the Maui photographer who is available to travel to any island.

San Francisco

Another great city for marriage proposals as this city is known for its hills as it has over 50 hills within the city alone. One of the more popular hills is called Twin Peaks, which is a pair of hills that include the city’s highest points, thus giving it a romantic overlook spot. Since San Francisco is surrounded by water on three sides, it has pretty mild weather and it rarely exceeds 75 degrees. This city is also famous for its cable cars, which was introduced to the city in 1873 and are the only one of its kind that is still running today, making it a unique place to propose. There is also the Golden Gate Bridge, but if you are a unique couple and you want to do something different there is always Alcatraz Island. It may sound a little creepy but some people prefer that and plus they have a night tour where you can see the city lights and witness an awesome sunset.

New York City

This city, also known as the Big Apple, is said to be the cultural capital of the world. This city is home to some of the most beautiful architectural structures in the country and at night the lights light up the sky bringing it much beauty. Of course some of the best spots to propose include the Empire State Building, which is open late so you will have the city lights as your background. There is also Central Park, which makes for a great place to propose by either having a nice picnic for two or a horse and carriage ride. If your there during the holiday season, you could go to Rockefeller Center and propose by the beautiful tree they put up there every year or wait until New Year’s Eve and do it at Times Square. This city is also very well known for its Broadway shows, so if your partner loves plays then take them to a nice show and make a memorable night together.


So what’s the first thing that you think of when you hear Florida? Perhaps it’s oranges, alligators or Miami, but Florida is so much more than that. Florida also has some very beautiful and romantic beaches. In addition to their beaches, Disneyworld is also located here. Disneyworld is such a large place, which includes options like animal kingdom or Epcot that it becomes all about fantasy. Therefore, people are obsessed with it, making Disney a great place to propose at. Florida also has one of the largest night clubs in the U.S. called Club La Vela, which is located in Panama City Beach. There are lots of wine bars, karaoke spots, restaurants and jazz clubs to keep both you and your partner happy and entertained after you propose.