Hawaiian Themed Weddings

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Ideas For Hawaiian Themed Weddings

If you are considering a Hawaiian themed wedding, there are many different ways you can go depending on what kind of person you are, but a Hawaiian Island style is a great fit for anyone. Whether you want a more casual wedding or a more formal one, a Hawaiian themed wedding can be molded to fit both styles.

Hawaiian themes tend to be more casual and less expensive than the average wedding, but if your heart is set on a Hawaiian wedding that is a bit more elegant, then you can add your own flare to it. For instance use real flower leis instead of fake ones, use shells and star fish for their neutral colors and add pops of color with some beautiful Hawaiian flowers. It does not matter if you are having your wedding at the beach, backyard, a hotel, on a boat or in a church as there are many ways to make it your Hawaiian dream wedding.

Invitations and Wedding Attire

For your wedding invitations there will always be ways to include your Hawaiian theme either by making your own invitations, on the computer or by having things custom made with professional invites. For a special touch, consider having your guests names translated into the Hawaiian language or you could put some special Hawaiian phrases like “Hele mei hoohiwahiwa ko maua la male ‘ana,” which means “Come celebrate our wedding” or “Ho’olu komo la kaua,” which means “Please join us.” Adding phrases such as this is a nice way to bring some of the Hawaiian culture to your wedding.

Encourage your guests to wear Hawaiian themed clothes, but make sure you let them know what style you want. If you want your wedding more formal then let them know that you would prefer no shorts, but khaki pants with a nice buttoned up Hawaiian themed shirt would be nice and floral dresses for the ladies. In addition, have your wedding party wear island style clothes, which there are formal and more casual styles to choose from, depending on your style.

Wedding Leis

In the state of Hawaii leis are given as symbols of respect, love and appreciation on all sorts of different celebrations. Lei is a fresh flower necklace, but can also be used on the wrist, ankles and head. They can also be made of shells, leaves, silk flowers, seed and nuts. To add a Hawaiian flare have your whole wedding party wear leis.

The women can wear beautiful flower leis while the men can wear Kukui nut leis, which are made from Hawaii’s state tree and in ancient times only very important people would be given this type of lei. Have leis to give to special people during the ceremony, such as your parents so that they can stand out. In addition, the bride could wear a lei on her head in place of a veil.

For a different use, you can use leis as a wedding favor, especially if you use the silk flower ones. Whether you choose to have real or fake leis at your wedding they are sure to add that special Hawaiian touch to your special day.

Wedding Decorations

Tiki torches are a great decoration for your wedding because they can be used either for a day or an evening wedding. If your wedding is during the day you can use them at the front of the aisle, as well as at the end of the aisle or simply use them as a gazebo while decorated with flowers. If your wedding is in the evening you can use them to add light to your ceremony, not to mention a more Hawaiian theme.

Getting married in a circle of flowers, which is often the choice in Hawaii, represents the couple’s unending love for each other and that they will be with each other forever. It takes about 250 flowers to make the small circle, while a nice circle generally takes anywhere from 500 to 1,000 flowers. To add some ambiance, have Hawaiian music play before, during and after the ceremony. Instead of having the ring bearer use a pillow, why not have him carry the rings in a coconut shell and have your flower girl use a beach pail.

Many weddings will do a unity candle or some other form of showing the couple becoming one. Therefore, a different option is to use colored sand in two separate vases and pour them into one beautiful vase showing your lives being blended together as one.

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