Ten Great Spots To Propose In Hawaii

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Ten Great Spots To Propose In Hawaii

Looking for a great spot to propose to that special someone? Why not make it in Hawaii. Not only are the islands home to some of the most beautiful places on Earth, it is also has some of the most romantic spots for a marriage proposal. In addition to being a perfect place to propose, it is also ideal for the wedding, honeymoon and in the future for renewing of your vows.

Hawaii is the perfect place to set out on your new journey together as a couple and no matter what your future partner enjoys you are sure to find something that both of you will remember forever when you pop the question. There are even some places in Hawaii that offer engagement packages if you have a little trouble planning things yourself or if you know it is something that your partner would really enjoy. There are many romantic spots in Hawaii where you can propose, but here is just a sample of ten great spots where you make it your personal paradise.


Haleakala – The Hawaiians have a saying for their second largest island, “Maui is the best.” This could be due to the 10,023-foot dormant volcano called Haleakala which is 24 miles wide and 33 miles long. The crater of the volcano is 21 miles around and the floor of the crater is 3,000 feet below the rim. Haleakala, which means house of sun, is awe inspiring and would be my top pick for a proposal spot. Leave early in the morning, about two hours before the sun comes up, and dress warm as it gets extremely cold up there. Have the ring ready as you wait with your loved one for the sun to appear to not only get an incredible view, but a gorgeous setting for your wedding proposal. What a way to start a life together.


The Waimea Canyon – This canyon is a 3,657-foot gorge that is a mile wide and is absolutely gorgeous, especially at sunset or dawn. You will see cliffs that appear to change colors as the clouds and sun move around. As you explore the canyon you will find yourself seeing green mountains that appear to drop into the ocean. An ideal spot for a proposal or to see by helicopter.

Lumahai Beach – This little beach may be hard to find but worth it when you see the hala trees, the black lava rocks and the green-blue mountainside. This beach was popularized in the movie version of the South Pacific, starring Mitzi Gaynor.

Hanalei Valley – This little known farmland includes beautiful scenic views and would be an ideal spot for a nice picnic.


Tantalus Drive – To get to this spot you will enjoy a drive filled with zig zag roads while seeing a beautiful rainforest as you drive up to 2,013-foot peak of Tantalus. The best spot for an amazing view is Puu Ualakaa Park that is located near the summit of the mountain. Here you will be able see almost all of Southern Oahu, from the Diamond Head volcano to the Pearl Harbor Monument. It also has a perfect night view of the city lights of Waikiki and Honolulu.

Hanauma Bay – An active volcano 10,000 years ago whose name means, the curved bay, because the waves of the Pacific Ocean took down one of the sides letting water in and therefore forming a horseshoe shape. This place is perfect for snorkeling which would be a unique and unexpected way to propose.

Nuuanu Pali – A volcanic cliff where it can get incredibly windy but well worth the view.

Sunset Beach – This beach is not meant for swimming as it known to reach up to 40-foot waves, but it is a great place to watch surfers and enjoy the power of the ocean.

Island of Hawaii

Hawaii Volcano National Park – This island, nicknamed by the natives as the Big Island, is the largest of the islands and has two active volcanoes, Mauna Loa and Kilauea. Kilauea, which is the home of Pele the Hawaiian volcano goddess, erupts off and on and the eruptions can reach up to 2,000 feet in the air. Taking a helicopter ride over Kilauea at night to see the lava flowing is absolutely thrilling and will make each other hold on to one another.

Kaimu Beach – Kaimu is a black sand beach where the waters don’t favor swimming, but a walk along the shores alone is worth it.

If your thinking of proposing in Hawaii, renewing your vows and or honeymooning and would like it all to be captured by a professional photographer, give us a call at Behind The Lens Maui. We travel to each of the islands and can customize any shoot to meet your needs.

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