DIY Wedding Ideas

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DIY Wedding Ideas

Planning a wedding can not only be stressful, but before you know it the costs just start to pile up which just adds more stress to your planning. However, the rage of DIY weddings and the wedding ideas will allow you to do some things yourself and can save you some money at the same time. For those that don’t know, DIY is Do-It-Yourself. If you think you don’t have the time, think again. As long as you plan ahead and don’t do things at the last minute it will help relieve the stress of a financial strain.

In addition, Do it yourself wedding ideas allows you to not have to do it all on your own as you can get your friends and family in on it and play to their strengths. If you know someone who is a great baker, chances are they really enjoy doing it and more than likely they would be honored to help you out and make your wedding cake. You do not have to do it all handmade but by taking on certain projects that play to your creative strengths it will add to your day by having your stamp on it and being able to say you did that. Also it will make these projects so much more personal and there will be so many memories behind them. You will be able to look back at you wedding photos and video with family and say “remember when we got together and did this?” Even if you only do one or two things, every little bit helps.


Some people might think you are a little crazy for wanting to make your invitations but it can be very hard finding the perfect invitation for your special day. Since there are so many to choose from, and if you don’t actually find ones you like, then you are probably better off making them yourself. Pre-made invitations are so expensive and if you do it yourself you can make them exactly how you want so it will be more personal and very nice on your budget, after all it is still only paper.

How you choose to make your own invitation will depend on how many guests you will have. If you are having a more intimate wedding of only 50 to 75 people, hand making the invites is definitely doable. However, if you are going to be inviting 200 or more, hand writing each invite would be a lot of work. There are many programs on the internet that can give you ideas which will allow you to create them on your own computer and print them off yourself. Also who says you have to follow tradition and send out paper invites? You could send everyone an invite through email and say you are trying to be more eco-friendly and save paper or you could send out a DVD that you and your fiancé made together. It can be a cute little movie or pictures of your love affair and at the end invite them.

Wedding Decorations

There are many unique things that you can do for your wedding decorations that will add a special personal touch to your wedding day. If you are having an evening wedding, consider decorating the aisle with candles? With candles in place, you can walk down the aisle while being illuminated by candlelight. Consider using the flameless candles so you can have your mind at ease that you will not catch your dress on fire or that someone will knock one over. That is not a stress you want to be thinking about on your wedding day.

Another idea is that you could make your own personal wreaths to decorate the doors at your wedding venue and reception. You could also make your own tissue paper flowers to hang on the back of the chairs that your guests will be sitting in or buy some pre-made ones. If your venue is kind of plain and they won’t let you hang up items that may damage the walls, go to the store and buy some press on frame hangers that do not damage the walls. These can hold up pictures, or you can hang all sorts of stuff from them because they will not damage the walls and they are reusable as well. Just keep in mind one thing when planning your DIY wedding and that it is your wedding so do it the way you want it and what makes you happy.

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