Wedding Day Hair And Dress

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Prepare Now For Your Wedding Day Hair And Dress

How your hair and dress looks for your wedding is going to be one of the most important elements of your wedding day. Not only will your hair and dress convey your style to everyone but it will be one of the most anticipated moments of your day and will be documented forever by your wedding photographer. Therefore do your due diligence and be prepared as you want people to be in awe when you walk down the aisle. After all, it’s your big moment and you want to feel and flaunt it.

Your Hair

For your hair on your wedding day you will want to do a test run before you decide on your style, after all you’ll want to make sure that you’re happy with it and that it goes well with your dress. In addition, you will want to test the stylist out to make sure that you like their work as you do not want to be disappointed on the day of your wedding when it will be too late to change anything.

Prior to getting your hair styled for your wedding, make sure that you get your hair trimmed at least a week before you have your hair done, after all you do not want to have a bunch of split ends showing on your wedding day plus it can make it your hair style look very sloppy and frizzy if you ends are not trimmed. This is the day that you do not want to have a bad hair day so make sure you are taking care of your hair, pamper yourself and get some deep conditioning and scalp treatments on your hair so that it will glow on your wedding day.

The hair style on your wedding day is just as important as your dress, therefore you will want to work with your hair and choose the styles that look best with your hair type. For example:

Straight – Have a sleek bun or have big loose curls.
Curly – Don’t fight your curls, go with it and don’t use too much product as you want them to be soft.
Oily hair – You will want to wear your hair up so it doesn’t look oily by the end of the night.
Fine hair – You will want to keep it simple by putting it up and don’t wash it the day of your wedding or it will not hold.
Thick hair – You will want to show off your luscious locks so go half up or wear it all the way down, but going all the way down will cause it to not look as formal.

Your Dress

With so many dress options available, it can be a bit overwhelming. Even more if you haven’t been dreaming about your dress since you were a girl or have no idea to the dress style you want. First shop for your dress early, at least nine to twelve months in advance so that you will have plenty of time to find the right dress and order it, because you will need to have a few fittings to make sure it fits just right. If you do not give yourself enough time to find the right dress you may have to compromise on the dress you get because it takes time for custom orders or if you want to change things to make it the perfect dress for you.

You have been getting in shape to look good in your dress, but no matter what size you are there are certain dresses that look better with certain body types, such as:

Curvy – Any type of dress that is fitted such as mermaid style dress and has a decorative sash tied around your waist.
Pear Shaped – You will want to make the eye draw upwards so choose a dress that flares out above your natural waist.
Petite – Go for a v-neckline because it will make people look down, plus it will make you appear taller. Be sure the hem is perfect as you do not want the dress looking to long or to short.
Tall and Slender – Opt for a higher neckline and silky fabrics. Going with a ball gown or a line dress would be a good choice.
Apple Shaped – You will want something to hide your tummy so choose something with a corset or beading around the waist. You could also have a shorter dress to show off your legs.