What To Expect From The Island Of Maui

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What To Expect From The Island Of Maui

For those who have been to Maui know the beauty this island brings to the south pacific. However, for those who have never been, Maui remains a dream vacation. Nicknamed “Valley Isle,” Maui remains to this day one of the more visited and popular amongst the Hawaiian Islands. After all, no other island allows you to see each of the remaining islands all around you.
The island of Maui also brings you an opportunity of exciting exploration. It brings you high rising peaks, an incredible amount of waterfalls, rainforests, valleys, wildlife in the high country and a winery for those of you that enjoy a little wine tasting. Maui is also known for its water activities such as snorkeling, surfing and the newest rage, stand-up paddling. While you are in the ocean, be sure to take in the beauty of the incredible reefs, sea turtles and our friendly dolphins.
Island Dimensions
Of all the islands, Maui is the second largest amongst the Hawaiian Islands that includes 729 square miles of land area. The island’s widest point stretches 26 miles across while it runs 48 miles long, and includes a shore line that is approximately 120 linear miles. Height wise, Maui’s Haleakala volcano has the tallest peak at 10,023 feet. Although the volcano is dormant, the summit’s depression runs 21 miles across and is 4,000 feet in depth. In fact the depression is larger than that New York’s Manhattan Island.
Climate on Maui
Maui, which is considered a tropical island, has a fairly mild climate year-round largely due to the Pacific Ocean. Even at sea level the average for a winter temperature is approximately 75 degrees during the winter months of December and January. The hottest months include August and September, as their temperatures can get in the low 90’s. Due to the trade winds, most rain will hit the shores of the north and northeast, while the south and southeast generally remain fairly dry.

Places to See or Do
There are many things to see and do in Maui, but for the visitors of nearly 2.2 million annually, it is the incredible beaches that they flock to. There are 81 beaches, in which 39 of them have public facilities. Due to ancient volcanic activity, you will find the sands appear in many colors such as: salt and pepper, gold, white, black, garnet and green.
In addition to the beaches, there are about 94 county parks, 10 state parks and one national park in Haleakala. Other attractions on the island include the town of Lahaina, the road to Hana and its many waterfalls, private lagoons and swimming holes, ‘Iao Valley State Park and its trails, the Maui Ocean Center, the Pineapple Plantation tour and the many luaus, just to name a few. One of the more exciting times of the year is the late winter to early spring for the migration of the Northern Pacific Humpback Whales. The island is also home to 16 golf courses that are designed to the different level of player you may be.

One of the more relaxing atmospheres, and best tasting, are Maui’s dining experiences. Whether you are on a tight budget or expense is no object, Maui has it all. In addition, one of the best parts about eating in Maui is the freshest fish around, which quite often was caught the same day you ordered it right off the coast of the island. In addition to the fish, other seafood just seems to taste better in Maui.
Just a few of the best known places to consider would include The Maui Fish Market in Paia, Mama’s Fish House, Kula Lodge (on the way up to Haleakala) or the Plantation House Restaurant. If you are in the touristy city of Lahaina, along a row of shops and attractions consider Kimo’s as it overlooks the Pacific Ocean, and so many more.

As you experience Maui, you will meet some of the nicest people you will ever come across, as they live a tranquil and happy lifestyle. The locals, as they are known, are generally made up of two forms of Hawaiians. Generally they either have Hawaiian blood or have relocated here and have become adopted Hawaiians.
By now you have noticed that the state of Hawaii is not like the states on the Mainland. No matter the reason for your visit, you will be sure to experience Maui in ways you never thought possible. Just remember to take your time and take it all in. Aloha.

Maui Photography by Nicole at Behind The Lens Maui