Hawaiian Themed Weddings

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Ideas For A Hawaiian Themed Wedding

You may feel Hawaii calling you but your wedding needs to take place on the mainland. So what is a bride to do when you have always wanted a Hawaiian themed wedding but taking your whole wedding to Hawaii is a bit unrealistic Bring Hawaii to your wedding. By having a Hawaiian themed wedding you can bring the sights, sounds and even the scents of Hawaii to your beautiful Hawaiian wedding no matter where you plan on having it.

The most ideal place for your Hawaiian wedding to take place would be at some type of a beach setting or even in front of a lake so that you can smell the scent of water. Even if you can’t have you wedding on a beach you can turn practically any space into a Hawaiian oasis with the right tools and decorations.

Vibrant Hawaiian Colors

Many weddings these days are pretty neutral by using only two dominant colors such as pink and white or blue and silver, but with a Hawaiian themed wedding it is not the time to hold back on color, it’s alright to go all out. Be a little daring and step outside the box and throw in some vibrant colors like fuchsia, canary yellow, bright green, violet and shocking pink. Make your wedding party stand out with brightly colored fabrics.

With a wild imagination you don’t have to end it with just fabric. Hawaii has some of the most beautiful and colorful flowers around. Have your guests dress in Hawaiian attire and ask them to wear very vibrant and colorful clothes to add more color to your wedding. It is said in Hawaii that if brightly colored birds are seen at your wedding that it is considered a blessing from God. To incorporate this into your wedding you could ask around to see if some people who own some exotic birds would not mind having them at your ceremony. However if you feel having live birds can add to the stress of a wedding, then perhaps just decorate with beautiful pictures of Hawaiian birds.

Dolphin Decor

When you think of Hawaii what are some of the first things that pop in your head? For many it would be the beautiful crystal clear water and the life that lives in it. Swimming with the dolphins is very popular in Hawaii, so you could add dolphin decor to your wedding theme.

Did you know that dolphins are considered good luck by sailors? The Lakota Indians consider them teachers and in Greek mythology they were guides. Having a stunning ice sculpture of a dolphin at your wedding reception would be a nice piece of decoration or maybe you could have it at your cocktail hour and turn it into an ice sculpture where they pour the drink into the top and it comes out the bottom.

You could also look around your area to see if there are any dolphin themed water fountains around, which if found could be a beautiful setting for a ceremony. An idea for your wedding cake is instead of having a bride and groom statue on the top of your cake why not have two dolphins together shaped into a heart as they touch noses together. You could have it made from blown glass so that you can save it as a memento from your wedding for many years to come.

If you really want to go all out with a dolphin tribute to your Hawaiian themed wedding you could do a destination wedding in Oahu at the Kahala Mandarin Oriental, where you are able to swim with dolphins. It would be expensive but if you just wanted an intimate wedding it would be amazing plus it could double as your honeymoon spot.

When planning your Hawaiian themed wedding make sure it is what you want and how Hawaii makes you feel. You do not have to make your wedding look like a Hawaiian bomb blew up everywhere, just add in your touches of Hawaii’s culture that you love the most and that means the most to you. When researching Hawaiian themed decorations on the internet you will be overwhelmed by many things in which most are not really authentic to the Hawaiian culture. Therefore, do not be taken in by all the ads that say you need this and that for the perfect Hawaiian wedding. Have an idea in your head of what you want your wedding to be like then

Maui Wedding Photographer- Nicole Sanchez