Things To Do In Maui

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Things To Do In Maui

Maui is a dream vacation for people who visit Hawaii and enjoy adventure. However, for those people who want a more laid back trip there is something for them on Maui as well. No matter what your tastes are you will not regret making this trip as there are many things to do in Maui. It has been repeatedly picked as the world’s best island, which has to mean something.

There are so many amazingly fun things to do on the island of Maui that you have to do, but you will definitely not be able to fit it all into one trip. Perhaps that is a good thing as it gives you a great reason to keep on coming back for more. Since you can’t do everything in one trip you might as well find the best things to do to make sure you have an amazing vacation. No matter what you decide to choose to do on your vacation remember to take lots of photographs so that you will remember your trip forever. You can also choose to have a professional photographer to take the photos for you while your on vacation. If you want to relax and leave your memories in the hands of a Maui professional photographer, Nicole at Behind The lens Maui offers vacation documentary packages.

Go To A Spa

Visiting a spa on Maui is a special treat for many singles and couples on their dream Maui vacation, but there are a lot to choose from and it depends on the type of experience that you want. The main difference in the type of spa on Maui is whether the spa is in a major big-name resort hotel or whether it’s a smaller independent business. Hotel spas tend to be more luxurious, offer more choice services and are a lot more expensive. Not to mention, at a large hotel spa you are likely to find some amazing decor and gorgeous views.

You could for instance choose to have your massage either indoors or outdoors on the beach. You can also choose aromatic baths, hydrotherapy, exfoliation, skin care therapy and so much more with so many varieties you are bound to find and experience your ideal spa day. While this would be amazing, you will need to watch your budget as just a few of these treatments can cost hundreds of dollars.

If you go to a spa that is not a part of a hotel, the prices will of course be cheaper, however the services will usually be less and it probably will not feel as luxurious as the hotel spa. If you do your research and find the right ones for you then you are bound to enjoy their services just as much as the more pricy ones and your wallet will be a lot happier.

One of the more known and popular spas from a lower end hotel is the Valley Isle Day Spa in South Maui. It is a smaller spa whose prices are good because it is not located on the ocean, but they do offer great services and you can have individual treatments or purchase a package. A very popular spa located at a higher end resort is the Spa Grande at Grand Wailea Resort Hotel which is the largest and most expensive spa that Maui has to offer. However, if you are going to do it you might as well go big. They have 25 types of different massages and they offer lots of different packages as well.

The Old Lahaina Luau

The Old Lahaina Luau is definitely one of the top things that you have to do when you go to Maui and it is very popular. If you have never been to a Luau before then this has got to be the one to go to for your first one. The Old Lahaina Luau is said to be the best and the most authentic to the Hawaiian culture while the other Luaus tend to focus more on accommodating the tourists.

You will enjoy the fantastic food of lomi lomi (salmon), Pulehu (steak), Kalua Pua’a (roasted pork), haupia (coconut pudding) and poi, which is mashed taro plant. While you are enjoying your delicious food you will also be enjoying hula dancing and Hawaiian music all along the waterfront on Front Street at sunset. The Old Lahaina Luau occurs on a nightly basis from April to September and starts at approximately 5:45pm. From October to March the luau generally begins at 5:15pm. To get more information about this Luau go to their website to see if it’s for you but if you have your heart set on going to this particular Luau make sure you make reservations well in advance as it is very popular.